Friday, August 26, 2011


Nothing terribly new in our neck of the woods...except...
Today of all days that are Friday I am taking my handsome son camping!
Just you Sarah?
Yes! Just me!
Well, not really. You see my grandparents, aunt and uncle are also going.
We are going camping AND fishing HERE:

To the lovely Lake Frances just outside of Valier.
I will be sleeping in a motor home (okay it's not a tent but I still consider that camping!), I will be eating s'mores, I will be snuggling a cute little boy and, oh yes, I will be fishing.
I have a fishing license and everything. Maybe this time I will work up the courage to put a worm on my hook. Or maybe this time I will actually touch a fish. Who knows. So many possibilities.

Sadly, Jefferson will not be going with us. His Grandpa passed away last night and he's not really feeling very social. I don't blame him. Keep my guy in your thoughts. He needs them!

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