Wednesday, August 17, 2011


Yay! I'm a mommy again!
To celebrate the end of my 24/7 summer work schedule, I took Caderyn for a ride on the local tour train.
We all know, Caderyn loves trains.
Pictures from our adventure:

Mr. Pooh bear came along for the ride.

While waiting for the train we checked out this cool sculpture in front of the History Museum.

"Mommy, it's hot." 
"See Pooh, it's hot!"

Watching the conductor get ready to go.

The official ticket holder.

El Capital

Original Governor's Mansion
St. Helena Cathedral

Civic Center 

The Fire Tower

Afterward we met Jeff at Costco for a $10 date of pizza, drinks and ice cream.
Interested in the tour train? Click here for more information.

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