Thursday, August 11, 2011


Yesterday evening, the weather was perfect for a walk with my child and dogchild.
I loaded up the jogging stroller, handed Caderyn his fruit snacks and rolled out on to the street.

We'd had a storm earlier that afternoon and there were some large branches that had fallen into the street.
One was so big, we had to navigate our way around it.
Caderyn is quite the chatterbox lately, asking "Why. Who. What" for almost everything--sometimes without taking a breath.
He immediately asked, "What happened Mommy?"
I replied, "The storm made the branch fall in the street. It's a big branch, so we have to go around it."
Caderyn was quiet for a few seconds, thinking.
Then he opened up his mouth and said:
"Are you kidding me, Mommy?"
I had no answer for him nor did I know where he'd learned that.
It was pretty funny though.

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