Monday, August 22, 2011


If I were a more crafty person, I would already have changed Caderyn's room probably a dozen times.
As it stands now, I inherited none of my Grandmother's sewing skills or abilities to turn junk into a magical new furniture creation.
Sometimes, I feel worthless.
Ok. Done with the pity party.
For some time now I have been daydreaming about changing Caderyn's room.
He is getting to be quite the "big boy" now and I wanted to give him a fun room decor he could grow with.
Some of you know (mostly because I won't stop yammering about it) that I've joined Pinterest and have become obsessed.
In my pinning frenzies, I have stumbled across a perfectly perfect theme/decor for Caderyn's room.
And so, without further apprehension- I like that word- I would like to present my idea:
The Forest (with lots of owls)
So Caderyn already has this picture and these wall stickers on his wall:

Love them.
So keeping with the Nature/Foresty theme, I would like to add stuff like this:

The light
The bedding

The light fixtures

A photo with a cool log-like frame- yeah?

Another cute photo in a bright green frame

A dresser decoration

His book shelf.

Now, if I only have $500 to get everything on this list :)

P.S. You can find all of the sites for these photos on my Pinterest account. I've added it to my sidebar.
You're welcome.

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