Monday, August 29, 2011


Friday after work I loaded little man into the car with treats and movies and we headed two hours north to Lake Frances. This lake is actually a man-made reservoir where they store water to help with farming irrigation. It's a pretty good size body of water in Valier, Montana.
Valier is a quiet little farming town surrounded, just absolutely surrounded, by golden wheat fields. 
It's not mountainous, but rather hilly with just a silhouette of the Rocky Mountain front in the distance.  
But I'm telling you, the golden fields are just gorgeous.
The lake

Mr. Tuff Guy loved going for walks and saying hello to everyone


Valier...with a spider

Birds! Birds everywhere!

More of the lake with the hazy Rocky Mountain front just in the distance

Throwing rocks
Throwing rocks with Grandma

Wrestling with Grandpa

Valier...with a water tower

Gorgeous smoky sunset

Freckle attack!

Caderyn and "his" fire

Day 2
On the boat ready to fish!

Cute little sandaled feet

Ze Lake

Caderyn's first fish!
Fishing with Mommy

Touching the worms- and yes, I was freaking out internally about germs

Learning to reel the fish in

Aunt Christy and Caderyn caught lots of fish!

Golden wheat fields around the lake

Happy gal

Fishing feet

Driving the boat

Loving fishing!

Overall, a great weekend!
Can't wait for our next Montana adventure!

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