Saturday, August 6, 2011


Ah yes, Saturday.
How I love thee.
Today is actually the first Saturday since May that I have not had to work.
Actually, that's a lie. I do have to work, but only a little, and I really don't have to do that much.

So I am not going to continue posting about my vacation. Nope. A new one on that will come Monday- maybe even two posts. Do you think you could handle all that awesomeness?

This post will be about random stuff.
  • Yesterday we had dinner over at our neighbors house. It was nice to just let the kids play and relax with adults without any time restrictions (other than bed time). We are very fortunate to live where we live.
  • My house has actually stayed semi-clean this week. It has been very hard because at the end of the day all I want to do is collapse into bed, but I power through and make sure each room is tidy and try to sweep, mop or dust at least one room. I have also been bossing Jeffy around and he takes direction very well.
  • I finished the longest book I have ever read this week. In like June I think I posted about the books I was reading and I was on the 4th book of Diana Gabaldon's Outlander series, Drums of Autumn. This baby was a whopping 1070 pages and it was good. But, it took forever to read. I have her next one lined up, but I am taking a small break and reading a smutty romance first. I started it last night and will probably finish it by tomorrow or Monday- then I will start the next book. Priorities, people, priorities.
  • I went to a garage sale this morning and hit the jackpot with kids toys and books. Caderyn now has quite the collection of Bernstein Bears' books and Magic School Bus reads. He also got a huge rocket ship with launch pad that is at present being piloted around my dining room by Mater from the Disney movie, Cars.
  • Who's heading back to Weight Watchers this Friday? This gal. I worked so much all summer there was simply no way I could go. So I'm back to the no sugar during the week and my weekly meetings to keep my svelte looking shape.
  • I have a problem and I don't know where to start...every time I see a striped shirt I find myself strangely compelled to buy it. I now have...five striped shirts in my closet. Oh dear. This can't be good.

  • Also, I completely missed this post but did not forget it. Jeff and I celebrated our FOURTH wedding anniversary on Thursday. Four years, wow! How time flies.
And that's all I've got. Now if you'll excuse me, I've got a Farmer's Market to attend and a little boy to mug on.

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