Saturday, August 13, 2011


Caderyn's hair was cray-zay after his bath.

Oh glorious of glorious days that are Saturdays.
Today of all Saturdays marks the end of summer work for me and the first Saturday and Sunday combo where I don't have to work.

Yesterday was a busy, busy day.
I stayed home with Caderyn and we snuggled and watched movies and played.
We baked cookies and read books and ran errands.
Then I took him for a ride on the tour train-- did you know that kids under 4 ride for free? I didn't!
It's a pretty good way to kill and hour or so with little ones and under $10. Adults are $7.50.
After the train we met Mr. McJefferson at Costco for a dinner under $10. It was nice.

I took pictures.

Also, right now I'm looking at little girl coats on Target's website. WHY?
I have no clue. I just think they're cute.
I really should be cleaning my house and showering.
I'm going to the Farmer's Market today to get a lovely bundle of flowers and a treat.
Then we're supposed to go to KidFest downtown.
I'm getting tired just thinking about it and am already anticipating a nap for myself when Caderyn goes down.

I love naps.
Except my contacts feel very sticky in my eyeballs after I take a nap.
Anyone else have that problem?

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B, in the Great Funkk said...

Yes. Contacts after naps = boo city.