Thursday, August 4, 2011


What I did on this particular Thursday:
1. Busy, busy work day
2. Lunch with Jeff
3. Continue to break in my super swanky new shoes from Target
4. Get a blister from aforementioned shoes
5. Have a good time with the Hubster

Swanky poses: C'est moi!
Jacket: Target- like 5 years ago
Sparkle shirt: Express
Belt: I'm not wearing one- alas!
Jeans: Banana Republic. They are jeans and I roll them into capris
Shoes: Target (say it like Tar-jay)
Earrings: Silpada

By the way, have you checked out their new jewelry yet? If not, click here
I'm having a party sometime this month and everyone is invited!


Sara said...

Let me know when you are having your party... I am going to place another order!

Sarah said...

Will do! Hey! Congrats on the engagement!