Wednesday, August 10, 2011


Part One
Where, oh where, do I begin?
This trip to San Fran was a quick one. Any longer and I fear our bank account would have been busted.
We left Sunday after the wedding and caught the BART with Jess and Jeff's brother, J.C.
For those of you that don't know (like me) the BART stands for: Bay Area Rail Transportation or something like that. Plus, it was only $5 to take this train from San Jose to San Francisco. That's pretty good!
I like riding trains and this one took you through all the interesting ghetto areas of California.
Never, in all my life, have I seen such beautiful graffiti!
We only messed up once and took the wrong train. We ended up going backwards and got stranded for an extra 20 minutes in the middle of the California freeway until the next train arrived.
 That was fun.
Did you know that the BART goes underneath water (in a tunnel of course)? I didn't! We go under somewhere in Oakland and come out in San Francisco. We were just riding along, when all of the sudden the pressure on the train got super intense and my ears were popping like crazy. It was dark and noisy.
Kind of freaky.

Jess and J.C. 

We are looking very touristy.

No eating hear!

Stranded at the train stop in the middle of a very noisy freeway!
 Go Montana!

We arrived at our train stops and parted ways with J.C. and Jess for a little bit. They were staying at the Hotel des Arts by Chinatown and we were further in town at the Hilton. Jeff and I got off our stop and were immediately swallowed up by San Fran. Jeff quickly broke out his phone for directions and we embarked on our journey into the unknown.
Up at the top of the steps when we came into San Fran from the train station, there was a guy dressed as very spiffy pimp (think lots of feathers) who was shouting the time.
"It's now 4:55," he would holler. "Five minutes until 5 o'clock. Fifty-five minutes past 4 o'clock."
And so on he went.
All I could think was...I'm not in Montana anymore.
We were able to navigate the streets of San Fran to our hotel with little trouble.
Jeff had to be the main navigator because I kept getting distracted by all of the stores and shops. I kept telling him, "Oooh I want to go there!"
We made it to our hotel, checked in to our lovely room and opened the curtains.
Here is our view:

Here was our other view.

We rested for a bit, got cleaned up, decided that we were going to meet Jess and J.C. down at Fisherman's Wharf and again embarked on a journey into the crazy downtown of San Fran.
We got tickets for the trolley and waited for about a half hour.
During that time we checked on little man, took pictures and saw many interesting people.

Side note: I must just have a face that screams, "TALK TO ME" because in the day and a half that we were in San Fran, I probably got asked eight times to provide directions for people. After the third time Jeff started taking bets with J.C. and I ended up just staring at people dumbly and repeating over and over, "I'm not from here." It was kind of funny after the third time, but then not funny after the sixth time.
Then it was just ridiculous.

Checking on child.

Happy 4th Anniversary to us!

Our entertainment while waiting for the trolley. He was pretty good!

Not our trolley.

That's our trolley.  

So many people, so many cars, so much going on. OVERSTIMULATION!

The only picture of us on the trolley before it got so packed people were nearly sitting on our laps.

On to Fisherman's Wharf

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