Thursday, August 11, 2011


Part Deux

Our long trolley ride took us to Fisherman's Wharf.
We met up with Jess and J.C. at Capurro's for a delicious dinner.

Afterward, we were all so full, we thought it would be a good idea to get some ice cream from the Ben and Jerry's across the street.
It was a good idea.

Then we tromped over to Ghiradelli square for some free chocolate samples- DUH!

Whoa. Wait a minute. How can mermaids have merbabies. 
How is that even possible?

The only cupcake place I found in all of San Fran and it was CLOSED!

From Ghiradelli, we wandered back towards the piers and headed to Pier 39 where they have shopping and the Sea Lions. We were there until we called it a night and caught the trolley back.

Nothing better to do on a Sunday night?
Why not take your tricked out crap car to the Wharf and let people (like me) take pictures of it?!

The Fish Strip...get it?

Killing some time and trying on hats for The Red Hat Society.

The creepiest mannequin. EVER.

We caught the trolley back to Union Square. This time we sat on the outside and the ride was so much more fun! I even held on to the hand rail thingy!
While walking back to our hotel, we stumbled on an Irish Pub just a block from our hotel and stopped in for a drink.
It was an expensive drink, but very gooooood.

Then we made it to our hotel and because we loved our hotel so much Jeff took a picture of me in our lobby.
Seriously. The Hilton Union Square was awesome!
Their lobby is gorgeous too!

Then we zombie walked to our room and crashed into bed.
Very tired!

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