Friday, August 12, 2011


The last of the vacation photos. I promise!
So after our interesting encounter with the Tenderloin District, we walked as quickly and as far away from that location as our Montana legs would carry us.
We stumbled upon a cute little place called David's Delicatessen.
It smelled delicious and the desserts they had on display in their front window looked heavenly.
So we walked in, sat down, found out this was the only Jewish Cafe in downtown San Fran, to which we thought, "Cool."
We got omeletes and then Jeff and I shared a Napoleon. Which was a huge thick pastry piece of pastry, creme and raspberry filling. It was so good, we didn't get a picture of it because we ate it so fast.

From there we went to Jess and J.C.'s hotel room for a break before entering into Chinatown.

We walked the cramped, tight streets in awe at all of the shops and people.
We ducked in to a particularly cute looking shop and hit the jackpot with scarves.
I got this pretty scarf for only $7 and it doesn't feel like a $7 scarf!
It feels better.

Jeff and J.C. looked like this pretty much the whole time. They were troopers and allowed the girls to shop. 

Hanging out on one of the steep Chinatown streets.

The huge buildings of the Financial District.

Double Rainbow all the way.
What does it meeeean?

This building...was pointed.

This guys pointed.
After Chinatown we dove into shopping.
There are no pictures.
We were obviously very busy. I got some cute stuff.
Then we found a little pizzeria and carbed up.

From this point on there are no more pictures.
We sat in the hot tub of our hotel for about an hour and a half and soaked our tired feet before Jess and J.C. went to a Giants game and Jeff and I went out to dinner for our anniversary.
Then I got food poisoning and went between the bathroom and the bed until 3 in the morning. It's a good thing Shark Week was on, 'cause I could watch that from the bathroom in between bouts of nausea.

Then we left super early in the morning for Montana.
Let me tell my fellow travelers something.
The San Fran airport...SUCKS.
We got there two hours early and STILL almost missed our plane because they were so disorganized.

Overall. We had a great time. I would love to go back again and stay a little bit longer.
I would highly recommend our hotel to ANYONE looking to go to San Fran. The service, rooms and location was stellar.
Most of the food places we ate at were also really stellar.
I would suggest that first time San Fran travelers take the trolley and make sure you sit or stand facing the outside so you can see everything.
Take your camera. You will see lots of interesting stuff!
Have fun and don't stress.
Unless you're in the Tenderloin District.
If you are...then RUN!

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