Monday, September 19, 2011


I'm too tired to actually think about writing right now.
Caderyn is still sick. He for sure has an ear infection and the wheezies in his lungs. So that means more breathing treatments and antibiotics. Oh and he vommed in his bed after his nap because he had a coughing fit.
Poor little man.

To make up for my lack of words, I'm going to let you FEAST YOUR EYES on my current man crush (other than my husband).

Well hello there Chris Hemsworth. I, like, totally love you. But, I'm married. But that's okay because you're hot (so is my husband). I think your pecs are bigger than mine...can I touch them? It looks like you have some dirt on your bicep. Can I touch that too?


Sarah said...

He's my latest man crush as well! (But I'm single!!! haha)

Sarah said...

Single...married...I can still dream, right?