Friday, September 16, 2011


The cool, almost chilly weather this morning really threw me for a loop, and now, I can't stop thinking about Christmas.
I've passed over Halloween and Thanksgiving all together.

So, this is just a heads up to my favorite Hubster.
Since you always grumble so much about gifting (which you shouldn't because it IS Christmas after all) I'm going to give you at least 3 months notice on some things that have caught my eye.
'Cause you know, I do love you after all and I do cook and clean and do your laundry.
Don't you want to spoil me a little?
Just a little?
How could you refuse this face?

So, here we go:
1. You know I love this perfume. You know you love the way it smells on me.

I want some for Christmas please. You can either do the big gift set that comes from Macy's (keep your eyes peeled for coupons!) or I wouldn't mind the big bottle that you can get from Costco around Christmas time for $45.

2. I would like these owl earrings

Aren't these super cute? I would wear them oh so much! You can find them here. They aren't terribly expensive and this website has lots of good sales.

3. I really like this shirt

It's under $50 and I think it is very pretty and would be very fun to wear with jeans. I am a size L (you know the girls aren't small) and you can find it here. P.S. I would NOT wear the shirt with pants like that girl is wearing.

4. I would really like some cake decorating tools. I think there's a kit. I kind of want to try it out...and eat cake.

5. I would like a new purse, preferably from Vera Bradley. I really like the style of the Villager in a) Happy Snails b) Suzani or c) Viva la Vera. Just for clarification Jeffrey, these are the print names they come in. Here is what the purse looks like. You can get this at Motif in Great Falls or Magic at the mall in Missoula. Then you don't have to pay sales tax or shipping.

6. I would also like a book: Bird Cloud. You can get this from Hastings.

7. Maybe a Delta or Allegiance gift card so I can go visit my parents or a friend.

8. A trip to visit my Aunt Peggi or my friend, Kpope in Seattle.

9. A HUGE cupcake with the most ridiculous amount of frosting ever. And some champagne.

Now my love, obviously you don't have to get me everything from this rough draft of a Christmas list.
 But two, maybe three things would be just lovely.
You know I have a soft spot in my heart for Christmas and gift giving in general.
 I also love surprises.
So now that you have this, you have three months to pick and choose what you'd think would impress me the most. Or, you can come up with something all on your own if you'd like. That's fine too.
I just want to give you a little nudge...just in case.

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