Tuesday, September 13, 2011


My favorite time of day is the morning.
Even though I struggle some mornings to get out of bed, the morning hours are my favorite.
The house is so quiet and calm as I throw on a robe and pad out to the kitchen to start my coffee pot.
As the sweet, magical aroma of coffee begins to saturate my house my little guy starts to wake up.

I will say that Caderyn takes after me in the mornings. He is usually a very happy and content little guy, but, he is never more content than in the mornings (just like me!).
He usually starts his day with a song. It doesn't usually make sense, but he plays with the levels of his voice, fluctuating from highs to lows. Sometimes the song will make sense, like 'Twinkle Twinkle Little Star' and he will sing it as high as his voice can go. Jeff and I have found ourselves laughing in bed together as we listen to him over the monitor.
Other mornings he will read quietly to himself in bed.
Lately, he had become attached to a potty book that plays a happy song after a potty flushing sound.
He really likes this. How do I know he likes this? Well, this morning he pushed that button about 15 times before I went in there to get him. Over and over and over.

Once I'm sure my coffee pot is brewing and I'm sure Caderyn is fully awake, I go into his room.
The first thing he usually says is, "Oh Mommy! You scared me!"
He's said this every morning for the past month.
I don't know if it's my hair or choice of pajamas but he says it every morning.
Then its, "Good Morning! I had a nice nap."
And we start a little conversation from there.
I lift the blinds to let the early sunlight trickle in his room before lifting him out of bed and smothering his cheeks with kisses.
He usually wants to know where he's going that day or who is coming over to visit.
He needs to be informed, you know.
We do a diaper change or sit on the potty, pick out clothes for the day and then he's off to play with his toys while I make breakfast.
This is a routine that I love.

Life before children involved me getting up at the butt-crack of dawn to go to the gym and sweating buckets before class or work. I always felt if I was sitting then I was being lazy.
Now, my mornings have slowed down. I take my time to enjoy each routine I do with Caderyn.
The time that I get with my son in the morning is my absolute favorite.
I love "scaring" him in the mornings, smooching on his cheeks, reading a book or two and then eating breakfast together.
I wouldn't trade this time for anything.

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