Saturday, September 17, 2011


Yesterday was Friday.
Friday is supposed to be the greatest day of the week, signifying a break in the crazy work routine.
Well, we had a fabulous Friday, but it quickly dissolved into a scary night.
Caderyn has not been feeling well. His nose has been running and his upper lip is swollen and cracked from wiping his nose.
Well, to add on all that, he started coughing yesterday. Oh dear. We don't like coughing. Coughing leads to scary thing with our little guy whose lungs are a little more sensitive than others after contracting a serious case of RSV at 5 weeks old and ending up in the hospital for a week.
Not fun.
So, needless to say, we don't take coughs lightly in this household.

Before bed I gave Caderyn some cough syrup and we snuggled together. He went to bed like a champ and Jeff and I watched a movie.
As we crawled into bed around 11:30 last night Caderyn started to stir and cough. Not a "my throat is dry" cough, but rather the deep croupy cough that makes me flinch in how painful it sounds.
The night quickly got worse as his cough got more intense. We woke him up around midnight and did two puffs from his inhaler, but the scary thing is, it didn't work.
I had a sick feeling in my stomach as I listened to Caderyn moan and gasp painfully for a full breath that we would be heading to the emergency room. Something I know may one day happen, but I dread the thought of.
Listen up parents, or really for anyone who might want to have kids in the future, your child's breathing is not something to take lightly. Take this from a mother whose son's skin turned a bluish tint when he was 5 weeks old because his oxygen levels were so low.
The feeling I had is not a good feeling. Inside your mind and heart are both racing, but on the outside you are trying to exude a calming vibe so your child will remain calm and be comfortable. But really, all you want to do is scream in fear and rush them out the door to a doctor.
But we didn't.
We got his breathing nebulizer hooked up and did a treatment. Then we let Caderyn soak in a warm bath.
That seemed to do the trick.
After the bath Jeff went back to bed because he had to work today and I snuggled Caderyn on the couch to watch VeggieTales until he fell asleep in my arms--something that is very rare.
It didn't matter that it was around 2:00 a.m. It didn't matter how tired I was. It didn't matter that we were letting our child watch television.
All that mattered was that we was breathing, was comfortable, that he wasn't scared and that he knew I was there with him.

So today, this guy is taking it easy.
Can't you just tell he doesn't feel well? It just breaks my heart.

There are lots of warm baths and breathing treatments.
He sure feels better after these!

And I am THAT mother who still hasn't showered or put on a bra yet, and it's past lunchtime.
Freckle attack!

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