Tuesday, September 20, 2011


Bad news. Good news.
Bad news. Caderyn is still sick.
Good news. He's not so sick that he had to stay home today.

So we're on the mend!
I wanted to quickly post on something I discovered this weekend that I thought helped a ton.
While I was wandering around the mecca that is Target (say it like, Tar-jhay) I wandered into the baby skin care section hoping to find something to sooth anything and everything on my little man.

Well, I found this:

I personally think it made a HUGE difference in how Caderyn felt. He loved splashing in the bubbles and playing with the bubble wand (because how often do you get a bubble wand with your bubble serum- like never). It smelled oh so fresh and I could almost feel it working its soothing powers on my son.
Caderyn has had many baths since Friday and after each one I will say I've noticed a considerable mood increase. So you know he feels better! It is a bit pricey- around $13 per bottle, but I thought it was totally worth it.
Plus it's organic, and we all love that word.
I've used the Johnson and Johnson Soothing Vapor Bath. This is less expensive, but I don't think it works as well. Side note: I actually used this when I was pregnant and got cold after cold. It worked nicely.

So my point: I would recommend this California Baby product to any mother with a sick child just willing to try anything to make the cranky baby a little happier.

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