Wednesday, September 21, 2011


My cousin Becky is having a baby.
For those of my cousins that read this blog, you already know that I'm sticking my claws in you and declaring Caderyn your child's/unborn child's/soon to be born children's cousin.
I have such wonderful memories of the times I shared with my cousins (except when Mark would punch me in the arm--that hurt!) that I want Caderyn to be surrounded as many cousins/second cousins/third cousins as possible.

Two weekends ago we celebrated the impending birth of baby boy and the pregnancy of his beautiful mother.
I'm very excited for her and her husband! Here are some pictures I took...the best I could do with our camera.

Part of the table spread


The food was delish.

Cute idea

The aunt-to- be

The punch bowl

The entire table spread. You bet I had seconds!

Look at all those presents! Note: Yes, there is a deer on the wall.


Measuring the belly.

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