Thursday, September 15, 2011


This here is just going to be a series of randamonium. I will have my Thursday Threads up and running when I take my lunch break. Until then...VOILA!

1. I like using capital letters for emphasis almost as much as I like using parentheses for side notes (aren't they fun?). But, you know what annoys the every living Frito Salad out of me? WhEn PeOpLe TyPe LiKe ThIs.

2. I am so super busy this weekend it's crazy and I love it!
  • Friday I am going to a wedding, then the reception and then a clothing party.
  • Saturday I am going to the Farmer's Market, helping sell merchandise at the football game, making cake pops with Lisa and snuggling with my husband after we go to church.
  • Sunday I will be spending as much time with Caderyn as possible and we are going to have friends over for dinner. Sounds awesome right! I love busy weekends.
3. This made me laugh.

4. You know what phrase I like using a lot?
And you know what? No one gets it. Come one people! Urban dictionary calls this, "The crazy English version of 'Hooray!'"
How can you not know that? Especially since it's crazy.

5. My favorite dance move to do at a party is the "Reel 'Em In." I'm kind of awesome at it.

6. Last night, I had my first game for a competitive city volleyball league. I have skinned knees, bruises on my legs, sore forearms and hamstrings and a general understanding that I really suck at volleyball now.
What happened?
I used to be awesome! My intramural team placed 2nd in college. This is not how I want to picture the demise of my athletic life...everyone was just so good and I couldn't even block or make the proper spike approach. I did find, however, that I can still fall on the ground with a greatest of ease. No problem there.
I have made up my mind that I'm going to kill it next week. Just you wait. There will probably be an awesome post involving a trophy and some blue ribbons because I'm going to be that amazing. The Governor will also probably want to come to the game and congratulate my awesomeness. It will be...awesome. Don't you love that word?

7. Today my child almost made it to his potty to poop in it. Almost. But then he didn't and he pooped in his diaper. Then, he wanted to see what it looked that weird?

8. I miss my parents.
A lot. I sure wish they lived closer. I want to be that girl who lives like next door to her parents. How fun would that be? You could have dinner parties with each other all weekend and watch movies and go for walks. That sounds like heaven to me! Man, I hope we figure out our future plans soon so I can start convincing my parents they need to live next door to me.

9. You know what I like? Budgeting. It fulfills my need for control. But you know what I don't like? Budgeting. I want those shoes.

10. Why is it not culturally acceptable to eat cupcakes all day?
Who knows


B, in the Great Funkk said...

I live on the same block as my mom. And my sister for that matter. We are all on a different street or avenue. It has its high moments and it has its major downfalls.

Sarah said...

You make me laugh! AnD i AlSo HaTe WhEn PeOpLe TyPe LiKe ThIs! (Wow... that's hard. Too much thinking involved! It's dumb. And I also enjoy an excessive use of parentheses for side notes. Much like this very long one!) And honestly, if people don't know "Huzzah", they're not worth knowing. Because they're jealous they can't be us.
Also, I want to live on this block! We can all pinterest and make crafts that we find on there together! And you and your mom are the BEST hiking partners! How fun would this be?! We could have grown up sleepovers with booze! (And pizookies, of COURSE!)

LoVe YoU!!!! :)

Sarah said...

Sarah, you start house hunting and we're TOTALLY in. p.s. I KNOW! IsN't It SuPeR hArD tO tYpE lIkE tHiS.

Soooo dumb.
Love you darlin'!