Monday, October 17, 2011


Last night it was chilly.
So chilly in fact, that I broke out my muck luck/leg warmers that I got at a Black Friday sale for $14.99.
These things seriously bring sexy back...but in all honestly I've had them out since September. Eeep!

But yes, it was chilly.
With the heat a crankin' and a pot of spaghetti cooked and nearly eaten, I had a hankering to bake.
So, while Jeff got Caderyn cleaned up, I quickly went into the kitchen to set out all of our baking materials. I've found that, when baking with a toddler, it's easier to have all the ingredients ready to go in bowls so you can just hand them on over and they can plunk them in to the mixer.
Caderyn and I baked pumpkin chocolate chip cookies.
It was more Caderyn than me though.
I tell you, this little boy must have an old soul.
He climbs up on to his "baking ladder," a little step ladder that we set up for him to stand on so he's taller than the counter top, and puts his elbows on the counter.
"Hmmm. Let's see," he says importantly looking at all of the ingredients I've set out like there's something to ponder other than the sugar and the chocolate or the eggs.
"Oh Mommy!" he exclaims, "This looks tasty!"
Tasty! What a word for a toddler to use. Who taught him that?
I did.
I like using that word.
And now my son does too.
Now, everything is tasty.
So Caderyn mixes the tasty shortening with the tasty sugar until it is light and fluffy. Then Caderyn mixes the tasty pumpkin with the tasty vanilla and so on and so on until we have ourselves a tasty cookie batter.
He tries (every time) to sneak his finger into the batter for a treat. Sometimes he is successful while other times I catch him and shoo him out of the kitchen with a handful of chocolate chips.
He plods off to play intently with his trucks while I put the cookies in the oven to bake.

When the cookies are done, we sit on the couch together with a glass of milk and nibble on our treats.
"This is tasty!" is heard after every bite and every time it makes me laugh at how he says it.
Sometimes, tasty just isn't enough and he has to throw in an "Oh my! This is tasty!"

We had a very tasty night together. It was the perfect end to a Sunday evening. Our house was cozy and we were all together, snuggly as a family.

P.S. I've probably eaten about 10 of those pumpkin cookies today. They are gOOd.

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