Monday, November 21, 2011


Dearest Jeffy.
Here be my Christmas list for the 2011 season.

Don't forget. You love me very much and I love you and that's why we give little gifties during this Christmas season. Your 28th season and my 26th season.

1. I would please, very much like this:

At the moment, I am down to just a few squirts of my favorite scent. Please, please get me the BIG bottle.

2. I would like a prenatal massage from Mr. Murphy. It is $35 for an hour and a half which I think is beyond reasonable. He can be reached here

3. I would really like a manicure and pedicure from Her Alibi. I like Denise. She is the only nail lady I like.

That's all.
Loveth you-eth.

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