Tuesday, November 22, 2011


Christmas is my favorite holiday!
I have you two wonderful people to thank for making it my favorite holiday!
You always made it so special for my brother and I!

Here are some gifting ideas, in case you were wondering.
Now, my Dad will protest, especially since I've been sending them list updates almost on a daily basis.
Hey. The more informed you are the better. Right?

1. I need some new running shoes. Like really bad. I admire these. But am absolutely in love with THESE
Aren't those colors fun? P.S. I'm a size 9, but a 9.5 might be better.
2. New headphones. I don't like the ear buds. I have very small ears and those buds just don't fit. I like the wrap-around kind. The kind that look like this.
3. A puffy vest. Brrr. These winters are cold here in Montana. I really like this but I also like this
4. A new camera. Maybe. You don't have to, but if you're really grappling... this would be sweet. I don't need a fancy schmancy camera. I don't do professional photography all that much. I would just like one like this or this
5. Perhaps an external hard drive thingy to store all of our pictures on. Dad, part of me thinks you are glowing with pride at seeing that statement.
6. I need to get new foundation from Skin Chic and I always, always need moisturizer from Sephora. I use the Ole' Henricksen brand. Ask me for more details.
7. I LOVE this picture.
8. Maybe a gift card to Target or Pier 1. I would like to get a pretty lamp for the entry way.
9. A cupcake
10. You know the most important gift of all this Christmas is that we will be in the same state together, getting to see each other. Yay!

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B, in the Great Funkk said...

Those vests- I have a North Face Nuptse in black size M that I am getting rid of...