Tuesday, November 1, 2011


Another Halloween has come and gone. This was my favorite one yet!
Caderyn really got in to trick-or-treating this year.

For 2011, Caderyn was a werewolf and Miss Lucy was a pumpkin.
More pictures to follow! Thanks to Lisa for these

Me update: Thanks to everyone for all your kind words. I actually feel really great today! I have a really bad infection on my ovary so that's what they are treating for the pain and blood (grossssss Sarah! stop that!). I just have to take it easy...which is not easy at all. We are officially 7 weeks pregnant today. Yay!


Jeff said...

Seven weeks TODAY? What were we doing on Sept. 6? I know at least one thing.

Jeff said...

And why is this a "preview" when it was written after the fact?

Sarah said...

Whatever Hubster

B, in the Great Funkk said...

Yeah! Big congrats and glad it wasn't anything major