Thursday, November 24, 2011


Little Bean:

Happy Thanksgiving.
Today and every day I am SO thankful for you!
I am thankful you are still here with me after everything we have been through so far.
It's got to be just smooth sailing from here, right?

I am actually feeling pretty good.
I had one nasty day of being really sick with you and that's been it. I do have moments where I feel really icky or just plain ole tired like last night when I was trying to stay awake and I just couldn't.
Your Daddy is already so used to having to wake me up from the couch so I can just collapse again into bed.
We are 10 weeks today.
Unlike other mother's who are comfortable and confident in sharing their pregnancy weight gain, I am not.
And I will not.
I will say I am still in my regular clothes. My jeans are a little snug in the tummy area and I've noticed I can't wear certain tight shirts because of the little pooch you have created. It's definitely true with the second one, you show a little sooner. I may not look full on pregnant, but I definitely notice I can't suck parts of my stomach in anymore.
I am noticing I'm not as bloated with you as I was with your brother.
I wonder if a lot of this has to be with healthier eating, drinking more water and working out routinely.
Cravings: Pizza like a crazy person! Oranges. Strawberries. Water. Milk.
Aversions: left overs. They smell weird. Macaroni and Cheese (which is weird because I ate so much of it with your brother). Not really into sweets. I still eat them, but its not really what I want. Let's hope it stays this way.
I can usually sleep with you like a champ until around 4:00 a.m. and then I'm up and uncomfortable and have to move out to the couch and my heating pad.
Recently, it has become uncomfortable to sleep on my tummy. Dang!

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Allison Barry said...

I'm so happy all is well with your pregnancy!