Monday, November 7, 2011


I'm late on these.
But remember, I haven't been well.
I'm on the up and up a little.
I have one more doctor's appointment tomorrow and hopefully I'm cleared to just be pregnant. Not pregnant on bed rest. Not pregnant with complications. Not pregnant with high risks.
Just pregnant.

Without further adieu here is what we did the night before Halloween:

Mother of the year right here. I am the mom that gave her son the lingerie section of the newspaper to paint his pumpkin on. He actually painted over their bras...oh dear.

So serious

Jeff and I tag-team-carved a pumpkin. This was his portion.  

It was a very fun night!

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Lori said...

haha! so hilarious that he painted on the bra section :) and i hope to hear that you are JUST pregnant!