Friday, November 18, 2011


This guy, his name is Caderyn.
His name means "Battle Ruler."
He is a full on two-and-a-half-year-old.
He talks. All of the time.
He throws temper tantrums.
He has never ending energy.
He drags out his bed time as long as possible.
He snuggles.
He tells us, " I miss you." When he really means, "I love you."
He is obsessed with cars and trains and trucks and helicopters and boats and...
He is so, so tall. He's as tall as my hip.
He loves to bake.
He loves to help.
He loves to read.
He fell down in the snow two days ago and cried about his "cold owie" for twenty minutes. He was inconsolable.
When we compliment him, he says, "Yes, I know, I'm handsome."
When he really doesn't want to do something he tells us he's "farting." As if that would get him out of eating dinner.
He loves going places.
He constantly wants to know who is coming to visit him.
Yesterday, he told me I looked like a pirate...whatever that means.

This guy is my buddy bear.

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