Tuesday, November 22, 2011


Last Wednesday through Friday, we got dumped on with snow.
It's always exciting, this first big snow of the season.
Caderyn was especially excited and kept trying to walk in the snow without his snow boots on, only to get snow down his shoes and socks. Cold feet= cranky Caderyn.
So on Saturday, with the snow pack fresh and powdery, we all bundled up and went outside to play together in the yard.
Caderyn finally got to try on his new snow suit that I scored at a garage sale for $10. This baby is a Land's End snow suit and those things are pricey, but oh so amazing! I consider this and my SpotBot the best garage sale deals of my summer.
Caderyn got a new sled that he loved pulling around the yard.
He and his Daddy also made some snowballs.

Lucy thought this was the best day ever because she got to go out and bound around in the snow.
She was having so much fun she didn't even notice all of the snow or ice on her face.
Also, we couldn't find her legs in the snow.

After pulling the sled around, making snowballs and watching Lucy bound around the yard like a psycho, Caderyn decided he wanted to walk all around the yard and the house making tracks.
Then we went for a walk around the block before Caderyn decided he was too cold.

Looks chilly, huh! Well it is.

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