Monday, December 12, 2011


Well Good Morning!
Today is a busy day here.

I have my final for my class today. I will be so glad when that beast is over.
I am celebrating by having a prenatal massage tonight. I can hardly wait. I am so very sore these days.

On another note, I am glad this year is almost over.
This year has been an exhausting one for me...
Here is my 2011 Year in Review...beware this will probably be a long one.

January was a time of BIG change in our family. Jeff resigned his position as sports editor at the newspaper and joined the National Guard. He left on January 17 for three and a half months of basic training. They sent him away and we were only allowed to talk three times on the phone. We did send each other lots of letters. Caderyn got Cars slippers and I experienced single-parenthood in all of its gloriousness and pitfalls.

The month of LOOOVE. I traveled occasionally to keep my mind off of the loneliness. I reflected a lot on that loneliness and how lucky I was to have Jeff and Caderyn and all of my wonderful family in my life. Caderyn and I started baking together.

My month of birth. The day when I emerged into the late 20s scene by turning 26. I threw myself a very fun party with lots of food, drinks, friends and jewelry. I reached my weight loss goal! I dropped all of the baby weight I had gained. I celebrated by eating a cupcake. Lucy got very sick and made my house look like a crime scene. I cut my hair and my parents came to visit.

Jefferson finally made it home. I booked a trip to Phoenix. Jeff and I had a romantic date weekend. We dyed Easter Eggs and went to Great Falls for Easter. Jeff and I started talking about having another baby.

I went to Phoenix and saw my cousin's band, The Fleet Foxes, play. Awesome! Osama bin Laden died. The weather started to get nice...and then it snowed again. Caderyn's verbal really exploded and he hasn't stopped talking since. I contracted MRSA and started my 24/7 work schedule.

Potty training began (and is still going). The wonderful season of garage sales started. Jeff turned 28. We participated in the Governor's Cup and Caderyn ran the entire mile. My parents made it up here for their summer vacation- yay! I started Thursday Threads. I still had MRSA. I rarely saw Caderyn.

I still had MRSA. We went to Holter Lake for the 4th of July and Caderyn experienced his first accident requiring stitches. He was very brave. We took family pictures. I read lots of books. My brother was here. We booked our trip to San Jose for Jeff's sister's wedding and an anniversary trip to San Fran. Bryanna came to visit. Jeff and I went to a wedding and we also got to go to Flathead Lake for a day. We boarded our flight to San Jose and Caderyn could hardly contain his excitement of getting on the plane. He loved every second of it. We made it to San Jose and had a whirlwind time of fun and festivities. Rarely saw my son until the end of July.

We went to San Fran for our 4th wedding anniversary. Caderyn started saying some pretty funny stuff.
My work schedule slowed down and I got to spend more time with my son.

Work started to pick up again and I started my class. Lucy was NOT a lady. Caderyn got sick and we had to do lots of breathing treatments. Went to Great Falls for my cousins baby shower. I fell in love with Thor.

Work got even busier. I started sticking it to Pinterest. We found out we were pregnant. Kept it a secret. I went to Phoenix and told my parents. Got back from Phoenix and got super sick. Was told I was having a miscarriage. Then I was told I wasn't.

I was still really sick. Then they couldn't figure out what was wrong with me. I got worse. Then they figured out what was wrong with me and put me on antibiotics and bed rest. I got better. And we were officially pregnant. Yay. It snowed. I brought out the tights and snow boots. We went to Great Falls for Thanksgiving and had a blast.

Pregnant. Excited.

On to 2012!
This year will also be a year of big changes for us.
Jeff is going back to school in January. FULL TIME. He is resigning at the paper (trust me, this is a goooood thing) and going to the University of Montana to get his Master's in Business Administration. He will be there 2-3 years and will also be doing ROTC. Once he graduates from both the school of Business and ROTC, he will have a Master's AND an officer title. So, this is a big change for us. We've talked and talked about it until we're blue in the face. It will be hard. I am not going with Jeff (at the moment). It doesn't make sense to close off both of our incomes and just up and move. We have expenses that need to be paid. If, in time, I do find a job that is suitable, then we will consider moving. For now, we will be long distance. Seeing Jeff every chance we get. Some people might think we're crazy, but we really feel now is the time for Jeff to do this. The career he has now isn't going anywhere and he does not like his job. He has my support 100 percent in this and that is all that matters. Our marriage is strong and the goal is clear. We will get through this and on to the next stage of our lives.
Another big change will be the new addition to our family in June. I am nervous, but excited. We will no longer be a family of three, but a family of four. That just sounds very complete to me.
P.S. I still think it's a girl. We get to schedule out boy/girl appointment tomorrow!

2011, you were exhausting but fun. I'm glad you are nearly gone.
2012, you already sound like you will be exhausting, but I'm ready for you. Bring it on.

Here is your weekly bumpdate. Me, 12-weeks, and ready for my work Christmas Par-tay.

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