Wednesday, December 7, 2011


The soldier hubster had drill last weekend. So, to kill some time, I took the kiddo to the local carousel to see Santa, go for a ride and eat some ice cream.
It was a good time.
Caderyn was sure a two-year-old stinker that day, though!
He was very excited to see Santa and told him he wanted a train table and some new trains.

This kid loves candy canes and I am forever worrying about his teeth.

After Santa, Caderyn told me he wanted to ride the carousel. Since this little guy gets so many ear infections, we think it has had some odd effect on his equilibrium. He usually is terrified of the carousel. So I was surprised he wanted to go for a ride. We started off riding on a fish, but then I think the ear thing started to kick in, so we moved to a tea cup. He loved this and stayed calm and happy the entire ride. Total Mom Success.

And then we got some ice cream.
Oh it was good!
Caderyn had fun peeking over the booth to look at Santa. He did it probably five or six times and would just giggle as hard as he could.  

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