Thursday, December 15, 2011


Sometimes when I get an email update telling me someone new is following me on Pinterest, I want to use my best Gollum voice and say, "Yes, yes. Follow me my precious."

Also, I'm not feeling too terribly well today.
My body hurts and I've had a migraine that kept making me puke most of the night (1:30 a.m. and 4:15 a.m. it was greeeeeeat).
But enough whine...I don't have any cheese to go with, eh? You get it? :)

Here is a really lame Thursday Threads post. But I figured it's better than nothing.
This was taken from my iPhone before we went to my work Christmas Party.
I got this dress last year from DownEast Basics
I love this store. It is very affordable and the clothes are so comfy. I think this dress was only $40.
I can't find it online anymore and I know the picture isn't that great so I will describe it for you.
It is a deep chocolate color with the wrinkle ruching. Funny story. I put the dress on and Jeff says,"I think you really need to iron that dress before you wear it out." But silly Jeffrey! That's how the dress is supposed to look. It has a belt that ties around the waist and then the shoulders through the collarbone area is all done in chocolate colored sequins.
Very pretty!
My shoes were a nude Steve Madden heel that I got for $25 at Dillards in an after Christmas sale.
I wore gold earrings from Silpada and some bangles I got from Express.

I got tons of compliments from co-workers on my dress and the bump so I think the overall look was a success!!

P.S. Look how awesome my tree star looks in the background.

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