Tuesday, December 13, 2011


I really am beginning to think that this baby is a girl because she is being SO dramatic.
Yesterday was like any other day. I went to work, I took my final for class, I got Caderyn from daycare, I made dinner and then I got a prenatal massage.
I came home so relaxed and happy.
I was getting ready to take Miss Princess Fluffykins (aka Lucy) for a walk around the block when I realized I had to go to the bathroom. I did my business and noticed (CAREFUL HERE THIS IS GRAPHIC) there was some blood. I instantly grounded myself to the couch, resolving to monitor my body.
It got a little better as I moved less and drank more water.
I went to bed.
I woke up to go to the bathroom around 3:30 a.m. and after what I saw immediately called the Emergency Room. I talked to a few nurses who advised me to monitor my blood loss over the next hour. If it maintained, they told me to come in first thing in the morning.
I called my doctor first thing, watching the clock with every passing second.
They, again, put me on bed rest and bumped up my ultrasound appointment.

Ultrasound appointment revealed THE CUTEST LITTLE BABY EVER with cute little feet and hands and a high heart beat (girl?). But also revealed that I have placental previa. This is basically where the placenta is covering my cervix. In my case, it is scraping up against my cervix and that's where they believe the bleeding is coming from. They told me at the moment, it's not of too much concern, but to monitor the blood loss if it continues and communicate that with them. As we go along more, if this problem does not eventually correct itself, then I become a very high candidate for a C-section. I don't want this. But if this is what it takes to ensure both of our safety, obviously, we will do what it takes.
The problem with the Internet these days is that there is too much information out there to freak people like me out. I spent about five minutes looking through what the Internet had to offer me on placental previa and I and trying not to lose my cool.
Everything will be fine.
It has to be.
This baby and I are an essential part of this family.

So today, I am taking it easy and thinking calming thoughts while I wait, yet again, to hear back from my doctor.
Tomorrow I will go to work and all will be fine.
All will be fine.
If I can get my act together I'm going to put some pictures of the world's cutest 13-week fetus online.

This pregnancy is so much different that my first one!


Kelly Smith said...

my prayers are with you. you are a champ!

The McGregor Clan said...

Girl, that is scary. here's to hoping this weekend and next week are without incident. Love ya! I think I am having a girl too!