Thursday, December 1, 2011


I like that title, don't you? I'm very random and, of course, I am a redhead. Methinks I'm going to have to use that more.

I've been a little absent this week.
I know.
I'm just so tired.
I don't even have Christmas up in our house yet and THAT JUST DEPRESSES ME.
On Tuesday night I fell asleep mid-text message with someone.
me. i guess.

So to calm all your nerves (I know you all been dyingfor me to post something spectabulous) here are a few iPhone pictures of what I've been doing lately.
Thrilling right?

On Tuesday, I participated in the Festival of Trees decorating day. We've actually all been working on this tree since September, but Tuesday was THE big day it all came together. Our tree was a "Sweet Tree-t" and we had lots of fun putting it together and raising the almost $2000 worth of donations. My favorite part of the tree is our cupcake topper. I just want to eat it. Now. 

Lately, this dog and her photographs have been cracking me up. But none so much as this one.
Don't look into her eyes.
She will steal your soul.
It looks like she already nabbed Jefferson's. 

I've not been much of a cook this week. This was about as culinary as I got. Butternut squash raviolis with white sauce and sausage. It was okay. It didn't knock my tastebuds out of the park.

Again, this dog just cracks me up. My son does too, but he never holds still long enough for a picture and Lucy just soaks up all of the attention.

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