Monday, December 19, 2011

Random Redhead

Nothing amazing today peeps. I've got work to finish and an Ugly Sweater Party to host.

Today you'll get the usual "these are the spectabulous pictures on my iPhone."
A food post? You bet. The common, go-to meal with me is breakfast for dinner. Some nights its just too hard to think about making some great and grand culinary feast that the boys probably won't like anyways. So last night was one of those nights and I actually made homemade waffles with sausage and strawberries. Not gonna lie. They were suuuuuuuper goooooood.

And now for your viewing enjoyment, here are are series of photos I shall title: That Lazy Corgi of Mine

Photo 1: That Lazy Corgi of Mine refuses to move from her father's side of the bed. Gives evil stare instead.

Photo 2: That Lazy Corgi of Mine pretends she doesn't hear me hollering at her to get off the couch. She instead rolls on to her back and falls asleep.

Photo 3: That Lazy Corgi of Mine stole my spot on the couch. If you look closely, it appears that she is clinging to that spot for dear life. Well, it's true. She was. I couldn't get her to let go of that blanket or that spot all night.

Lazy Corgi.

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Pat said...

The corgi's strategy is a good one ;-)