Saturday, January 21, 2012


I think most parents out there would agree that there is nothing worse than having a sick child.
And the worst is when they have a fever.
Those fevers are scary.
We've only had one fever that has ended us up in the hospital, and that was when Caderyn had RSV at 5 weeks old. We ended up staying in the hospital with him for a week.
Since then, Caderyn has been pretty good with the fevers, its mostly just been his ears that have been making him sick.

Well last night we encountered the EVIL fever. The one that is high and makes you think you might, just might need to take your child to the emergency room. I don't know what other people think, but my idea of a fever that needs to be seen by a doctor is 104. If it reaches 104, we go in right away.
Caderyn's highest temp last night was 103.8 and I just about lost it. He'd had a pretty high one all day, hovering between 101 and 103, but his energy levels were really good and he took fluids like a champ and was able to, you know, get rid of them.
So when his fever went up just those little extra points last night, I was nearly in full on panic mode.
We did cool baths- at least three last night. We did Tylenol. We did minimal activity- it was a movie night. We did cool wash cloths. We gave him copious amounts of water.
Nothing worked.
That is the scariest thing. That you work and work for hours to try and get this fever on track and it only stays right where it is.
So finally we just put him to bed. Poor guy was sweating so badly he didn't sleep well at all. He woke up around midnight just drenched in sweat.
But, at this point, we realized his cheeks and forehead were cool. We took a quick temp and found his fever was down to about 101. A huge sigh of relief!

Today we are going to the doctor. Hopefully he just caught some bug that was going around.
I despise the fevers more than anything else in the world- even more than explosive poopy diapers!

These are just some of my experiences with the dreaded fever. As you can see, sometimes what we try to do works and other times it doesn't. What does everyone else do to keep their childrens' fevers at bay?


Sara said...

During my peds rotation we always told parents to alternate between ibuprofen and acetaminophen every 4 hours. Sounds like you did everything you could do. Sounds like his fever just wanted to be stubborn poor guy!

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