Wednesday, January 4, 2012


We alternate Christmas every year between the families. This year it was Jeff's year to be with his family and we spent our first ever Christmas up at his parents' new cabin. We shall for now call it "The Windy Vista."
Nestled at the base of a mountain and overlooking prairie and grazing fields sits this secluded gem. Twenty miles from the nearest town (I think) we do nothing but lounge and play up there. If the wind doesn't knock your socks off, you can take out the ATVs, look for game, shoot bee bee guns at targets or watch the glorious sunsets and sunrises.
This trip involved lots of lounging, eating, game playing and talking. But mostly eating on my part.
Here are my pictures from Christmas Eve. I'm hoping to get a few more pictures from family to add to my "Christmas 2011 Extravaganza!"

A very pretty tree and lots and lots of lounging!

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babypics said...

Really beautiful X mas decors. hope you guys enjoyed the holidays.