Monday, January 23, 2012


I've been pinning like crazy. I still get a really odd satisfaction when someone new starts following me or repins something of mine. I want to do the crazy person laugh.

This weekend, my toddler was driving me bonkers. He was sick and restless. So I grabbed some finger paint and shaving cream and we had ourselves a shaving cream painting party. Caderyn was really in to the paining part of it for about 20 minutes, but then he thought it was more fun to put all of the shaving cream into a bowl of water and see the colors mix. Make sure your paint is washable. The mess was catastrophic when he was finished, but it only looked that way. It probably took me two minutes to clean everything up. Not bad at all.

I found this idea here

Last weekend, I made these:

I followed the directions exactly, no substitutions. These turned out really yummy, the only thing I might suggest is not cooking them in your Pyrex glassware. It distorted the shape a little on mine. They still tasted really good though!

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