Tuesday, January 3, 2012


Well hello there! Did you miss me?
I've been off the radar for some time. Let me explain.
You see this thing called the holidays rolled into town and with that, we left town.
We've been all over Montana. Missoula, Helena, White Sulphur and Great Falls.
It was so much fun, but I'm very glad to be home!

On a very happy note. I GOT A NEW CAMERA FOR CHRISTMAS!
On a poop note: I haven't had a chance to upload the program for it on to my computer yet.
So, y'all will have to wait and deal with my iPhone photos from the break. Most of which contain my dog.






1. A very content little boy on Christmas day watching a new Thomas the Train movie.
2. Playing with a new train set from Santa.
3. Trying to get Lucy off of my bed at the Grandparents on New Years.
4. The New Years aftermath.
5. This dog got SO spoiled over the break. She was snuggled and walked and very loved.

1 comment:

Pat said...

She knows y'all luv her ;-) Look at that expression on her doggie face.