Wednesday, January 11, 2012


Last night, I sat down to watch Sex and the City 2.
For some reason, I was compelled to put it on my Netflix.
As I watched it, I was hit with some startling aggravations.
Man. This movie really sucks.

Sure, it revisits some of our favorite TV characters who so many people think they relate to, but in reality, these women are on a completely different planet than 99% of all women in the world.
I mean, I guess it's fun to watch them and see their antics, the places they get to go, the extravagances, the fashion (which was pretty crappy i think- although I'm more of a Miranda/Charlotte dresser these days).
But the more I watched the show, the more frustrated I became at the antics, the places they go, the extravagances and the fashion.
My reasoning's:

1. The antics.
These are grown women. Act like it! I point mainly to the Samantha character, who, in typical Samantha fashion gets in trouble because of an overzealous sex drive. But I watched in horror as she made Americans- or, American women- look like sluts. I was embarrassed that she was depicted as being joyful that America is awesome because you can be intimate with a man on a beach. But of course, this is fantasy, and that is Samantha, but something about that depiction bothered me. It made me feel...bad. Like, is that how our country is seen? As a place where you can be with a guy wherever and whenever you want. I'm not trying to put women with a Samantha mentality down, that's just fine if that's how you roll, but have some decency and maintain some level of privacy. Don't share it with the world.

Another thing that really bothered me was when Charlotte and Miranda sat down at the bar to talk about how hard motherhood was. Now, granted, they both admitted they had full-time nannies/help and didn't know how other people did it. But, I go back to the fact that they had full-time help. Who does that? Who would want that? I understand if you're working full-time and maybe have a job that is so important you're needed around the clock and making biggo bucks, but I'm working full-time and I still have to go home and be the wife, the mother and the house keeper. No help. I'm pretty sure everyone else out there does it to, so what gives these women the right to sit there, sip their alcoholic pink drinks and tell me how hard it is to be a mom and a wife?

One other thing that bothered me was when Charlotte got mad at her daughter for getting red paint on her vintage skirt. I admit, I gasped. That was a lovely skirt. But why would she be wearing something so valuable and precious while baking and at home? I rarely wear nice, expensive clothes when I'm at home. Typical jeans, t-shirt and sweat pants gal. Now, if I'm going out of the house. I am usually the last one to get dressed and all food and crafts have been put away so I can go to work looking fairly put together (doesn't always happen, but I try).

2. The places they go.
Actually, I wasn't really all that frustrated with this. I was just annoyed at how extravagant everything seemed. Like, have they ever stayed at a Holiday Inn? Those are okay too and very cost effective.

3. The extravagances
Again, reality check. Sure, it's fun to dream that one day you will live in a New York penthouse where your husband buys you a black diamond after you kiss another man, but, seriously? I felt that all of the stuff these women had handed to them was just another example of how materialistic America actually is. Now- Big's first anniversary gift to Carrie- the "TV so they could watch old movies together" was actually really sweet and thoughtful. But she threw that one to the curb. I think this also distorts some people's ideas of marriage and relationships. None of their relationships are perfect, but I just kept getting so annoyed at how nothing, nothing at all would ever go like that in the real world. It was all just so...cheesy. Hollywood.

4. The fashion
I rolled my eyes at the end when the Abu Dabi women unrobed themselves showing off the latest Louis Vutton fashions. Seriously? Is that all we care about is fashion? There are starving children, abuse, murder and corruption and all these women are portrayed as caring about is fashion? I wanted to vomit. Now, I did enjoy some of the styles, but fashion isn't my focus in life. Others may feel differently and that's great! If you have the passion for fashion- go for it! But I would much rather focus on my family, being happy in life and working on being a better person that spend thousands upon thousands of dollars on clothes. I enjoy the beautifulness of clothes and admire the work it takes to put together a fabulous collection, but do I have to own it? No.

I'm not trying to put Sex and the City down. I own all six seasons! I watch them, usually once or twice a year on a weekend when I'm sick or have the whole weekend to myself. I always cry during the episode where Miranda's mom dies, I laugh over Charlotte getting her face licked by the "bad kisser" and I am so angry at Carrie when she loses Aidan.

But, this movie just really rubbed me the wrong way. And since this is my blog and I can write about whatever I want, I wanted to write about that. It's been bugging me most of the day.
But, I will close with my favorite, favorite quote
 "No matter who broke your heart, or how long it takes to heal, you'll never get through it without your friends." C.B.

True for all forms of relationships.

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