Monday, January 23, 2012


Thank you iPhone. I love a non-weird kind of way.
Kind of a bummer of a weekend. Caderyn was sick and then I got sick.
Thank heavens Jeff was home or I would have lost it!
Friday, Jeff surprised us by getting home early! We ran some errands and then had dinner at Costco before renting a movie and going home.
Saturday Caderyn went to the doctor, I slept for three straight hours to get rid of my yuckies. We ate pizza again and then met some friends at a basketball game.
Sunday I made breakfast. We gracefully bowed out of church due to the sickness in our family and just lounged at home all day. I ran a few errands, made a yummy dinner, Jeff headed back to Missoula and I fought my poor coughing child all night trying to get him to fall asleep.

Breathing treatments galore

Shaving cream painting!

Snarky dog

Lazy dog waiting for the ball to come to her.

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