Wednesday, January 4, 2012


I still haven't had time to upload my Christmas pictures yet. Sorry.
I meant to do it last night...and then I watched Love and Other Drugs and then I started reading. And we all know I'm done with everything once I pick up a book. Especially if it's a good one.
So, I will try and do my pictures tonight.
But for now, here are some randoms in our lives.

15 weeks. My butt and belly are about the same size right now.

I saw this on Pinterest, pinned it and then decided that Caderyn and I are going to make it tonight.
It is chocolate chip oatmeal bread and I'm drooling just thinking about how yummy this will taste.

Caderyn got this bed from his grandparents for Christmas.
Except instead of the espresso, we got it in navy and I love it.
It is huge though! He looks so little in it.
Oh and me, being the great mom that I am, ordered his mattress and box spring too late and so now we have to wait until next week for them to arrive.
So, again, me being the great mom that I am, I have his old crib mattress and then every single pillow and blanket in our house on that bed for his comfort and safety (because I built a barrier wall out of pillows).
It's working out okay except he gets out of the bed 5-7 times a night before he finally stays in there.
Little stinker.

Now my biggest challenge is bedding. I want something fun, affordable and long lasting.
Any suggestions?

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