Wednesday, February 1, 2012


Since I've been sinus infectioned, I forgot to do a 19 week post.
So here is a 19 and 20 week post, COMBINED!
This baby moves, flutters, and thuds in my tummy a lot now!
I love it, this special time I get with the baby inside.
I feel like I'm carrying higher with this baby than I did with Caderyn.
Weight gain:  Still feels like its all over.
I've also noticed that the bigger my belly gets, the bigger my hair is getting too. OYE. Today I looked like Julia Roberts from Pretty Woman, only with bigger hair and boobs and less pouty lips. Dang. Oh and all sinus infectiony.

Cravings: I can't taste anything right now, but lately I've noticed I've wanted a lot of casserole-like dishes. It's like if everything is mixed together it tastes good.

For fun:

Also for fun, some randoms from the iPhone titled: That Lazy Corgi of Mine

That Lazy Corgi of Mine went to the vet last week for shots. They said she is getting hefty. To that I say, "It's winter and the snow is above her head. You try taking her for a walk. She has to poop on the sidewalk!"

That Lazy Corgi of Mine has slept on my stomach most of my two sick days home. I like to think she's taking care of me, but part of me knows she's hogging the heated blanket I got for Christmas.

That Lazy Corgi of Mine messes up my bed after I've made it and doesn't even apologize.

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