Friday, February 10, 2012


Ladies and gents, our new little boys name starts with a "G."
Gaagil (Native American) Resembling a raven.
Gabai (Hebrew) A delightful man.
Gabal (Arabian) From the mountains.
Gabbana (Italian) A creative man.
Garvey (Gaelic) A rough but peaceful man.
Gaylord (French) One who is high-spirited.

None of these are Baby G's namesake, but aren't names so interesting???
I love looking at the origin, the history and the meaning behind a name. I have ever since I was little.
When I was younger and more nerdy than I am now...if you can believe that...I used to check out baby name books from the library just to study the names and meanings. Sometimes I would try to create a family of names just based on the root of the names, so creating a family of Scandinavians. Odd, I know, but I'm sure my parents appreciated it because it kept me entertained for hours.

Off topic!
Back on track!

So when it came to choosing a name for our special little one who is due in only 20 weeks (it sounds so much closer when you say it like that) we thought long and hard about it.
Like Caderyn, we wanted our second child to have a name with meaning, with history and one they would appreciate.
If you're new to this reading zone, my first child's name is Caderyn James.
Caderyn is Welsh/ Scottish and is the root form of the word captain. If you were a soldier way back when and wearing a kilt, your commanding officer would have been called a Caderen (Kah-der-in). Say it with a short "a" and roll the "e" and the "r" a little if you can.
I can because I'm awesome.
Modify, modify, modify and years later, the name Caderyn evolved with the meaning "battle ruler" aka captain or ruler of the battle.
Pretty cool, huh!
We loved it. It was different and yet modern with a good touch of history.
We wanted the same for our new little one. This one will have a name that's a little more common, yet unique and very right in history of both the name and our families.

So what is it?
Well y'all will have to wait until he gets here.
This one will keep you on your toes :)


Sara said...

I totally have a guess that would fit your family perfectly, but I'll keep it to myself I hope I'm right because I love the name!

LisaKunkelPhotography said...

I know it, I know it! And I LOVE it!