Monday, February 6, 2012


Since we are having another sweet little boy in the W household, I'm actually quite content in the fact that we won't be needing all that much stuff.
We have the bed and the bedding and the clothes and the toys and pretty much everything we could possibly need. So that will save us a bundle right now (which is really what we need).

Some people have expressed concern over the fact that we might be disappointed to not be having a girl and getting that magical boy/girl combo. But to each person that says something like that, I just smile and tell them three things 1. After all this baby and I have been through together, I couldn't be happier 2. God knew that Caderyn really, really needs a little brother to play with because he's driving us crazy wanting/needing to play all of the time and 3. God also understood that at this moment in our lives, I could not have afforded a girl. I would have gone crazy with the shopping and all of the glitter and the tutus.
It's as easy as that. I now have "boys" instead of "a guy," I will have "two guys" "two buddys."
Jeff and I are unsure yet about the number we want our family to be, and to me, that says that we'll probably try again for baby #3 sometime in the far off future.
Right now, I'm happy with my boys. All three of them.
Plus, I will always have Lucy.

Moving on, so off the top of my head, there are really only four things I could possibly need right now before Little Mr. G arrives (his name starts with a G, we are not sharing until he is born though).
1. Car seat/ stroller combo: I like THIS one. Of all the reviews I looked at this one got the best reviews and looks pretty simple. The price is $185.99 and that is actually pretty good.
2. The B.O.B. double active stroller in navy. This is pretty expensive. This will run about $600-700 dollars, but you know I would use it ALL summer and fall. Like every day.
This recliner from Costco is $399.99 and I love it. I need a good and sturdy rocking chair to snuggle my boys in.
4. Diapers- sizes 1, 2, and 3 and as many frozen dinners or gift cards as possible.

Sounds pretty easy, right?
So now I just need to find a fabulous donor who can provide:
$200 for the car seat/ stroller combo
$700 for the B.O.B
$400 for the recliner
and that will total to about $1300.

Someone throw me a baby shower! I don't need gifts, just lots of delicious food!

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The McGregor Clan said...

I have been thinking about one of those sit and stand strollers for this time around. Don't think I can emotionally handle the 'double stroller.' That chair looks DIVINE. :)