Tuesday, February 21, 2012


Our weekend was very low key.
The main event was Monday when Caderyn had tubes put in his ears.

Post surgery 

Here are my thoughts as a mother:
1. We didn't make a big deal about Caderyn going in. The night before we told Caderyn he was going to the doctor in the morning to have his ears fixed and that they would feel much better. We told him he would get to meet lots of doctors and nurses and they would be his friends (he loves making new friends). We also told him they would put a mask on his face and then he would wake up and feel a little funny for awhile but that we would be right there with him.
This might sound like a lot for a two year old to process, but he seemed to soak it all in.
He was very friendly and bubbly to everyone there (he isn't shy!).
2. Bring some books and toys from home and a comfort item. This definitely kept any anxiety or boredom down before the surgery.
3. Refer to the gown they have to wear as a "costume." Caderyn thought this was hilarious.
4. It was so hard to let the nurse take him and walk down the hall and through the surgery doors. I just about lost it.
5. The ear tube surgery is literally like ten minutes so don't expect to be waiting for long. Caderyn's was about 15 minutes because he had SO much fluid in both of his ears.
6. They bring him right in and put him in your arms while he is still knocked out. It was freaky because he was so floppy.
7. All children come out of anesthesia differently. Caderyn flopped and flailed a lot and then cried and cried and drooled for about 30 minutes. That was hard too. You just have to stay calm and keep talking in a soothing tone and touching to let him know its you and you're there. Caderyn likes it when I tickle the back of his neck so I tried to do that when he would calm down a little. They are usually really out of it.
8. They bleed from their ears a bit, that is normal.
9. The nurses said he would sleep really well for both his nap and then at bedtime because of the gas. LIES! My child almost didn't take a nap. He did sleep okay last night.
10. I was very impressed with how quickly it went. Caderyn is up and running today.

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Jeff said...

I like the way he came out all Chuck Norris. The kid was like a viper who had just shed his skin--half blind and kicking and punching everything surrounding him. He didn't know who drugged him or how he got there, but he sure as shit wasn't going down without taking someone with him.
He makes Daddy so proud.