Tuesday, February 28, 2012


Our living room/dining room/ play room area. I am picking things up and Caderyn is playing. I knock over a pile of cars from the dining room table but think nothing of it and just keep going.

Caderyn: Mommy!
Me: Yes?
Caderyn: Look at my eyes. Look at them now.
(so I do)
Caderyn: Don't do that again. That was NOT okay. Do you understand.
Me: (trying not to laugh) Yes.

P.S. This is how I discipline Caderyn. I make him look me in the eyes and get a response. If he doesn't answer yes while looking me in the eyes I say, "Yes, mom" and he has to mimic that. It works really well with him, but I think it is hilarious that this is what he did.
I'm still laughing about it.


B, in the Great Funkk said...

Oh my, way too cute!

The McGregor Clan said...

That's what I do with Alana and she's used it on me too! haha! It's so cute.