Wednesday, February 1, 2012


I am alive...but barely.
This sinus infection has just about destroyed me. Never, in all of my life, have I had so much snot. Gross? TMI? Probably. But it's true. But that's the good thing! All this snot that's been clogging up my sinuses is finally releasing its vengeful hold on my entire face and now unleashing it's fury upon my shnozz (aka: the nose). This morning I probably blew my nose for five straight minutes and used a half a roll of toilet paper.

OOOOKAY Enough with the snot topic. Sorry!

Whilst in my sinus infectioned agony, I discovered some amazing new television shows/ series.
For some reason, my sinus infectioned brain really wanted to watch all things British, so the first thing we (my brain, sinus infection, and I)  decided to watch was a PBS Masterpiece Theater series called Downton Abbey.
I freaking loved it. It's like a delicious British soap opera from the early 1900s. It revolves around this one rich British family and their servants. I was super bummed it was only like seven episodes long, but they are all like an hour long. It was all British and proper but then there was all this random delicious gossipy stuff in it that made me want to squeal like an excited girl but then I'd remember my face was infectioned with the sinus and everything started to hurt again.

Then I moved on to Skins:

Again, I watched the British version, NOT the American one. I discovered that this is like all the way through five seasons now.
To be honest, the kids in this show are just awfully messed up and so are their parents. This is probably a good example of what happens when you're a bad parent...your kids will turn out like this. Each episode shows them causing lots of trouble, taking lots of drugs and alcohol and most of the time getting busy with each other (you know what I mean). I will say that I was captivated by all the disturbing-ness of each episode and was always surprised at how things ended. They do tend to push the limits on lots of topics, but I think that's why it has become so popular. Most of the time I just felt really bad for the obviously filthy teenagers who's only comfort in life was through pills or cocaine. Some of the episodes are funny and end really happy while others were shocking and very sad. I thought it was really interesting and obviously I couldn't stop watching it since I watched all five seasons straight through.

And then I watched Masterpiece Theater's Wuthering Heights
Now, I attempted to read this book for fun in high school and dropped it for Gone with the Wind instead, clearly an awesome choice. Although I do want to join a book club just so I can read this book and talk about it with people.
When I saw this under my instant Netflix choices labeled Romantic Movies, I thought, "Eh, sure why not. You don't have anything better to do."
So I started watching it.
This is the most depressing, vengeful movie I have ever seen!
Their relationship is so twisted and hurtful towards each other and the people around them.
I was shocked. Loved it, but I was shocked.
I also thought the lady who played Cathy in this looked a bit cross-eyed at times and the guy who played Heathecliffe was sometimes really model-ly handsome at times and then really odd looking at other times.
After three hours of watching this I was spent.

Those Brits can sure captivate me.

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