Wednesday, February 29, 2012


Did you know that yesterday was National Pancake Day?
Did you know that IHOP (International House of Pancakes) offers one free short stack of pancakes per person on this date?
I didn't...until yesterday.
So, I mustered up my courage and took Caderyn there with a friend and her little girl.
I thought it would be something that Caderyn would enjoy and a time when he could interact with his friend and I could actually have an adult conversation.
Based on my child's behavior, how exhausted I was after dinner, and the overall general consensus that I don't think he or I really got to enjoy our meal time, I have decided I'm no longer taking my child out to eat until he is good and ready.
I talked about it with my parents later and they said they did the same thing until my brother and I were older.
And, you know what? I completely get it!
Caderyn is at a stage when he is so full of life and energy that asking him to sit still in a restaurant and eat is almost too much.
I get it. It just took me longer to get there than I thought it would.
So, from now on, we are an eat at home family.
C'est la vie.
This is the one shot I was able to get of Caderyn when he wasn't jumping, screeching or licking the glass on the window behind us. He's a stinker.
P.S. gross. There, I said it. But you can't pass up the free pancakes!

In other news:

This dog hasn't really done all that much this week.
Yesterday she did take the time to vomit all over the carpet and in a corner that even my fingers won't reach. Nothing like trying to scrub the carpet with Q-tips. Oh yes, I was trying to do that.

The weather here has been deceivingly nice lately... I don't trust it for a second.
On Monday, I got home from work and loaded Caderyn in to his stroller and put Lucy on the leash and walked and walked until I nearly froze. Once that sun goes down it is chilllllly!
Yesterday, the weather was still nice so I loaded boy and dog into the Boo (the blue Subaru) and took them to a gated park that is actually a baseball field next to a train track (bonus!). Caderyn ran around with Lucy. Trains went by and Caderyn shrieked with joy. Lucy found a stick and smelled like horrible wet dog the rest of the night. It was good.

Caderyn has also been pretending he is a superhero.
And that's all she wrote.

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