Monday, February 13, 2012


Caderyn LOVES getting someone else I know (me).
He was very excited about his Valentine's Day treats:
The card
The M & Ms
The  Cars coloring stand.

And now, another always-famous rendition of "That Lazy Corgi of Mine"
The second Jeff gets home, that Lazy Corgi of Mine is all up in his grill being cute and demanding.

That Lazy Corgi of Mine hopped up on this couch and didn't move for over three hours. She would do a pathetic growl if we got too close and disturbed her thoughts of squirrels, tennis balls and Cheerios on the floor.

This Lazy Corgi of Mine pouted like this most of Friday and Saturday because it snowed again- a lot. This makes her potty breaks difficult and chilly (if you know what I mean) and it also means she can't go for walks (Our area gets very slippery and they don't usually shovel).

While the snow fell, that Lazy Corgi of Mine sat on the step and looked sadly at her yard disappear yet again.