Friday, March 30, 2012


Ever have one of those weeks where you just feel uninspired?
This was one of those weeks for me.
My house was a mess, I just kind of looked at my son with glazed over eyes when he'd ask me a question, and my mind would wander to some of the most panicky of places.
Fear of the unknown crowded in around my thoughts this week.


And on and on this thought process went.

I had the morning off today. I cleaned my entire house, except for the kitchen because by the time I got there my poor back just couldn't take it anymore. I did some serious spring cleaning and I chatted with my son.
I'm climbing out of the haze I was in this week. Hazes don't suit me well. They make me look frumpy and unapproachable.
I'm anxious to have my husband home with us all week and thankful for the time we will get with him.

Today, my motto (and I use this all of the time because it is my FAVORITE) is:

     Always let your faith be bigger than your fear

Sometimes it is too easy to let fear of the unknown take over your life. I refuse to give in to this, and try every day to truly believe and have faith that things will get better no matter the toil.
No matter what happens, nothing will ever truly be hopeless.
We have a support system.
We have each other.
We have so much to be thankful for.
And, well, we'll always have our humor.

Especially this guy.
Yes, he is wearing my shoes. I told him to act like Mommy and that is what he did...I totally DON'T do I?

Thursday, March 29, 2012


Something a little different this week. I've actually been quite busy, working full-time and all, so I haven't had a lot of time to pose myself in front of the bathroom mirror like I usually do.
I've also felt exceptionally large this week and haven't wanted to take pictures of myself.
So, to make up for my lack of belly pictures, I thought I would give you a "Mom's view."
This is what I'm currently looking down at every day.
Hey! You can still see my toes and YES they are turquoise and I LOVE them.

How far along? 28 weeks. Only 12 weeks until he arrives. We are in the third trimester and after my next doctor's appointment at the end of April, I start going every two weeks for checkups.
Weight gain/loss/stretch marks: I will curse you with the fire of a thousand suns! Can I just say that my boobs and butt are SO huge right now. It is RI-DONK-YOU-LUSS.
Maternity clothes? Hoping to borrow some capris from a friend in the next week or so for my vacation to Phoenix! Yeah! Also hoping to buy a new dress or two to get me through the summer.
Terrible this week. This little dude just kicks and kicks me all night long. I don't think he stops for a second. He is constantly moving and rolling and jutting into me. Last night he kicked me awake at 3:30 and I was in and out of sleep until 5:30 a.m. He seems to prefer the right side and must get kind of ticked off that I'm sleeping on my left? Lord knows. Maybe we will ask him what his deal is when he arrives :)Best moment(s) this week? Hello Girl Scout cookies! Oh and let's see...I passed my glucose test with flying colors. I'm measuring right at 28 weeks and the baby boy made my Dr. laugh because he was moving around so much on her. Lots of kicks and hiccups.
Food cravings: Thin mints. Still sub sandwiches with tons of veggies. Fruity Pebbles.
Gender: Man-fetus
Belly button in or out? VERY cavernous but still in.
Movement? GOOD GRIEF yes. All of the flipping time. He is currently wedged under my right rib right now poking me and moving along. Anytime I am sitting he is moving. He prefers the right side which usually means I am super sore on that side at the end of the day. Also, he likes to float somewhere near the hips and back area because those areas are sometimes so sore I want to cry...but I don't.
What I miss? Being able to see certain parts of my body...My balance...sleeping through the husband...having one hour at the gym to myself every day.
What I'm looking forward to: Now that the weather is nice being outside more and going to walks.
Weekly wisdom: Being outdoors significantly alters the mood of my a good way. Also, brushing my teeth as soon as I put Caderyn down for bedtime will result in less late night food eating.
Anything else?

Jeff is on Spring Break next week which means I get him home all week!!!! I have a little list started for him that looks something like this:
1. Mow/Rake lawn to prep for outdoor weather!
2. Please unclog our bathroom sink.
3. Help move changing table/dresser into our bedroom.
4. Spend lots of time with Caderyn and I 'cause we miss you.

Continuing to modify my birth plan.
Making a list of things I'll need to get when I'm in Phoenix that I can't get here in MT.
Forcing myself to just to go bed. I made myself go to bed at 10:30 p.m. last night even though I wanted to keep reading. I slept straight until 3:30 a.m. and then didn't sleep great through 5:30 a.m. because of this kicky little baby so I am thankful I went to sleep when I did instead of 11:30 when I would have been even more tired today.

Oh and our BIG announcement:
This guy went poop and pee in the potty this morning.
It was super stinky.
He was really, really proud of himself.
I'm hoping this continues.
Please, please, please.


Wednesday, March 28, 2012


Over the course of February and March, I have embarked on a great journey.
What kind of a journey, you ask?
Well, I'm glad you asked.

I have thus taken it upon my weary shoulders to watch all of the Harry Potter movies until they are done.
Consequently, and because I have no life, I have also burdened myself with re-reading all of the Harry Potter books again.
You may call me crazy, I call it a challenge.
I stopped seeing the movies sometime after the 5th one came out, probably because I ran out of time to see movies. You know, I had a kid. He takes up a lot of my movie viewing time.
I do remember reading all of the wonderful books. The final one came out right before my wedding and I plowed through that sucker whilst buried among wedding plans. That be talent, yo.

So in February, I started watching the movies again. Personally, I think movies 1-4 are kind of silly. But, I also realize that this is the time when Harry is innocent and the whole wizard experience is still so new to him (my goodness, am I really analyzing these movies? Yes, yes I am). The fourth movie just touches on the darkness to come, but still keeps a kind of hokey, corny vibe to it. Know what I'm saying?
Well the fifth one, hooooo, the fifth one. That one just goes to all new levels of cool. 
I think the fifth one is my favorite because of the way Harry is shown struggling against the Darkness.
(Good Lord am I still analyzing this!? I love a good conflict.)
The fifth one just knocked my socks off compared to the other previous movies and from there they definitely get very interesting.

So, as I sat down on Monday to watch the final Harry Potter movie (remember, the last one was done in two parts), it was with a bit of a heavy heart. These movies and I, we'd been connecting with each other. They'd been entertaining me during my lonely nights and I'd been providing them with un-needed criticism and praise like it was my job.
The movie began, already on a sad note, because remember, Dobby died (Ahh! I ruined it for some poor soul out there) and just goes to all new levels of awesome.
Gosh, throughout most of that movie don't you just feel like there is absolutely NO hope at all?

Well, the end came when people were dying, Snape gets murdered and his tears reveal that, hey, he actually wasn't that bad of a guy, and then Harry does the hero's descent into darkness to face the evil that awaits and there I am on the couch *crying.* Great Oden's Raven!
I blame the pregnancy. Oh and to top it off, my friend Lisa totally caught me crying when she stopped by the house. Talk about embarassment!

And now, the movies are over and I don't really know what to do with myself...I feel a little lost.
Probably a little bit like Harry did when that part of Voldemort died inside of him. You know, that part of him that was the horcrux.
(OH YEAH, I referenced that).
I still have the books. I'm about seven chapters into the second one.
Methinks my children will need to have all of these movies for themselves.
So, to console my grief I'm probably going to buy the Harry Potter Collector's Edition when it comes out in September of 2012. Hopefully the price goes's nearly $400 right now. WOOF!

P.S. Does anyone else out there agree I would have made a WAY better Ginny Weasley? I can TOTALLY pull off a British accent.
But, I probably would have been way taller than DanRad. Plus, our super pasty skin together might have been an issue.


Very few posts this week. I've been pooped.
My hips hurt all of the time and I don't remember the last time I slept through the night because this little boy kicks and kicks me until I just collapse from exhaustion.
Whine, whine, whine.

I pretty much put my son to bed, hope he stays there and collapse on the couch. Last night I had all of these great plans to read multiple chapters from one of the three, yes, three books I'm reading and then next thing I know there is a book covering my face, I'm inhaling book scent, the television is still on and it is midnight. I fell asleep sometime around 10 and that was all she wrote.

So much for nesting. I have left dirty dishes in my sink two days in a row. TWO DAYS IN A ROW. I broke down this morning and scrubbed my bathroom sink and tub...maybe I will do the rest tomorrow.
I vacuumed two rooms on Monday, the vacuum is still sitting in my dining room. I have kept up with my laundry, but the clean piles are literally covering one entire couch in my house. I can wash it, but I don't have the energy to fold it let alone put it away.
Our beds were unmade this morning and my dining room table is covered with Caderyn's toys that I haven't had the energy to put away or ask him to put away.

Whine, whine, whine.

I get my husband home next week ALL WEEK LONG and I am so so thankful for his spring break. I need him here. I need his help.

And then I'm going to Phoenix.

To make up for lack of pictures, here is something funny!

Monday, March 26, 2012


Looked a lot like this:
We were back and forth to the potty all weekend.
Caderyn did a half day on Saturday with no accidents and lots of pees in the potty.
Caderyn did a full day Sunday of going pee in the potty. He wore big boy undies all morning and then switched to a pull up in the afternoon. He did have an accident in his pull up over nap time, but that is to be expected.
He refused to poop or try pooping unless he was watching seen above.
He didn't poop yesterday at all.
Then he unleashed a huge L-O-A-D today in his diaper while I was in the bathroom.
Sneaky, sneaky.
I was trying to keep a close eye on him and everything. It literally happened in the span of the two minutes when I was putting my contacts in.

We're taking it slowly, but also aggressively.
I don't want to give him a weird complex about going to the bathroom, but I am so ready for him to not be in diapers.

We didn't leave the house much. We pretty much lounged around in our sweats, let the house get messy and watched some movies. Oh and it freaking snowed again:
Those weather reports of high 50s and gorgeous sunshine were a LIE. This was on Friday and it was still all wet and mushy on Saturday. Come the heck on sunshine! I'm ready to see you!

Sunday was still cold and gray, but the clouds parted toward dinnertime for a good two hour stretch where we went outside for a walk and did some yard work. Jeff got a good chunk of the dog poop out of the yard and we even found a dead squirrel that Caderyn was fascinated with.

Makes me wonder what this little princess has been up to outside all of these past four months of winter...
I don't even want to know.

Friday, March 23, 2012


Slow weeks+Spring snow=lots of readings on the Internets for this gal.
Ugh. Yes. I said snow. I'm so over it. Please just let me have sunshine, even if it's 50 degrees at least let me have some sunshine.

So I came across this article. I read it, with a grain of salt of course, and then I thought about it a little. Some of the things these parents did I liked, others I didn't.
So I thought about it some more and tried to adapt it to my own parenting style.

Since we got Caderyn his big boy bed, we've struggled with bed time. It has been soooo frustrating.
So, on Sunday night I kept Caderyn to his regular bed time schedule.
We do a tubby around 7:30 p.m.
Relax on the couch and do a movie until 8:15 ish
Brush teeth and hop into bed for a story and a song.
Then I snuggled with Caderyn for two of his night time music songs before getting up and telling him,
"It is time for your bedtime. You don't have to go to sleep, but you have to stay in your bed."
And then I included this:
"It is Mommy's turn to have Mommy time. Do not get out of your bed."
And, knock on wood, so far it has been fairly successful.
Of course I have gone in there if he calls, usually for a Band Aid (what is it with kids and their obsession with those things), but he hasn't done it nearly as much.
And...I've had time to myself. Like actual relax time to myself.
Oh Lord, it has been so wonderful.
Author's Note: The only night this week where we had a glitch was on Wednesday night. Caderyn whined in his bed for probably an hour and a half after I'd gone in there repeatedly to check on him. Finally, I was done and I told him so and he cried/whined until he finally fell asleep. Yes, I feel bad and sometimes guilty in doing this, but I can't keep going in there back and forth all of the time. I need to get stuff done around my house, I need my sanity, and for heavens sake that child needs to go the you-know-what to sleep! He had everything he needed. He was dry, he was warm, he was loved and smooched on, he had a book, he had a toy and he had a night light. He was perfectly fine. So he fussed himself to sleep. This was the only night.
So I'm going to try and keep this routine up on a regular basis.
Now, this is what worked for me. Someone else may try a different approach that works.
But I am here to tell you that there is a solution out there. Don't fret.
Be patient and learn your child's bedtime moods and what you think will work best for them as well.
In my opinion, bedtime should be a pleasant experience for your child. It has to be pretty hard being so little and not understanding things like the dark and being alone in a room. So why not give them positive and happy bedtime memories. I have tried my hardest not to yell, not to confine and not to force my son into his bedtime. But, this doesn't always go as planned. Especially when it is close to midnight and you yourself just want to go to bed.
So I encourage other parents to try other outlets and try different techniques. Let your original plan just go out the usually does when you have kids.
A night when both Caderyn and Pooh Bear have ended up in my bed.


Yeah yeah yeah! It is the weekend. I get my husband back home and we actually don't have any plans. Our week this week wasn't bad. I'm tired and sore and feeling rather large.
My skin this week has also decided to resort back to adolescence and I have a nice zit forest on my chin (TMI? Probably).
I'm excited to not have to work, not have to be apart from my son or husband and I'm looking forward to making some tasty meals.

This guy, talk about a ham.

This dog...well I'm sure she'd like to eat some ham.  
Corgi photo bomb. She put her head in front of the camera. 
You keep that man child away from my ball.

Thursday, March 22, 2012


I got to weaR my rainboots one day this week! Yeah!

Not many pictures this week. Again, my ego is crushed.

How far along? 27 weeks. Only 13 weeks until he arrives. Ladies and gents, we have officially entered the THIRD trimester.
Weight gain/loss: I plead the 5th.
Maternity clothes? Well, duh.
Stretch marks? I'm really starting to dislike this and the maternity clothes question.
Sleep? Last nights was awful, but that's a completely different story. It hasn't been too terrible this week. Baby boy has been SO super active usually around 2-3:00 am.
Best moment(s) this week? Caderyn going to bed like a champ and sleeping in Sunday through Tuesday night. Baby has the hiccups! Caderyn kissing the belly and talking to his brother. More like yelling.
Food cravings: Asparagus. Sub sandwiches loaded with veggies.
Gender: Oh boy!
Belly button in or out? Looking more cavernous that it has ever looked before. Caderyn was trying to stick his fingers in there and that actually kind of hurt!
Movement? Yes. Hiccups usually after lunch. Lots of bounces around 10:30 and 11:00 p.m. and then the kiddo wakes me up between 2-3:00 a.m.
What I miss? Bending over and not struggling to pick something up or tie my shoes. I come up all out of breath. Feeling normal. I'm sore all of the time and feel so heavy and achy. I don't recall feeling this way so early with Caderyn. My lower back and lower abdomen has just KILLED me this week.
What I'm looking forward to: Sleeping on my back, right side and stomach without any concern.
Weekly wisdom: Go to bed early. Don't stay up to try and finish an already crappy movie. Just go to bed, chances are you will need your sleep.
Anything else?
  • I've been thinking more about my birth plan this week and what I want to try and do differently this time.
  • When I head to Phoenix in three weeks, I'm going to purchase one of those belly support things for when I work out. I notice that after 10 minutes I start to get really achy and sore in my lower abdomen area.
  •  I had my first ever (with this pregnancy) charlie horse on Wednesday morning around 2:30 a.m. Oh Lord how I despise those things. They hurt so much! I've lucked out so far with this pregnancy I think because I'm trying to drink a lot more water and exercise regularly. Nothing worked. I massaged, I stretched, I limped around my house and the dang thing wouldn't release. Finally I just put a heating pad on it and crawled back into bed. Two days later my leg STILL hurts.
  • I like getting my later evening kicks from this guy. It's my special time with him.


I've been doing a lot of reflection lately about how I want my delivery with our second baby to go.
Of course nothing really ever goes truly as planned, but I do have a few things up in my head that I know I want differently. I am going to categorize them as HOSPITAL BAG and LABOR and DELIVERY.
Here are my thoughts as I get closer to this second delivery.

For one thing, I would like to NOT forget my hospital bag like I did the first time. Oh how funny! In our excitement, we left the bag and had to have a friend of Jeff's bring it to us.
Here is what I will be bringing in the bag this go around.
1. A towel- to sit on if my water breaks at home. Trust me on this, it saves the upholstery in your car.
2. I don't really need a special birthing dress that I see all of these ladies getting, I am perfectly fine in a hospital gown. I rock the open backside like you won't believe ow ow ow!
3. My own clothes, including undies for after the birth. Nothing special, just nice and comfy and stretchy. Those mesh panties the hospital gives you are super sexy, but I found that the after birth ice packs felt much better when you had your own undies on. Plus, the mesh undies give you a weird butt pattern.
4. A new lotion scent for people to rub on my arms and feet.
5. My iPod. Lots of rap music included.
6. Camera
7. My toiletries
8. My slippers
9. Sports bra for nursing and a comfy dress to go home in with flip flops.
10. Pictures to distract me, maybe a book
11. My birth plan
12. Baby stuff
13. My own pillow.
Side note: I want someone to braid my hair really nicely...does anyone know how to braid hair?

1. Absolutely NO Food Network is to be shown during any point of my laboring. This was on the last time and I was starving, freaking starving the whole time and just watching that made it so painful!
2. Only two people in the room with me, my mom and Jeff. Nurse- obviously. But no one else unless I say so. Our last one was very busy with people in and out and I felt a little overwhelmed at times.
3. I want to take a bath or shower before anything is done.
4. I want to walk around more than I was allowed to the last time. I felt I sat a lot and I don't want to do that. I want to be able to move until I decide I don't want to move anymore.
5. I want the room fairly quiet and calm.
6. I want to see how far I can get before any pain medicine is administered, if at all...knowing me, I will probably have an epidural again.
7. Don't rush me, it's my body.

1. Again, minimal amount of people in the room.
2. If I have a complication with a membrane again, just let the doctor go ahead and slice it.
3. Please don't let me tear as badly as I tore with Caderyn. Please, please please.
Avoid every possible way of using that vacuum thing on the baby. Caderyn's poor little head was shaped like a cone! But, as opposed to either forceps or a C-section, that seemed like the best option since I was so exhausted.
4. If there are not problems with the delivery and the baby, please put him right on my chest. Right away.
5. Give my husband and I time to bond with him before any tests are administered.
6. Lactation consultant in STAT. I had a lot of problems with the first baby and feeding, I'm not taking any risks with this one.
7. If baby is born in morning or during day, only one visitor in at a time.
8. No lanolin, I will take the prescription nipple cream thank you very much.
9. Absolutely no filming of my hooha. Jeff, this is for you. I have been forever ruined with birth films after watching the one YOU took of our son's delivery three years ago. No pictures of the baby coming out. No thank you.
10. Unless I am absolutely wiped out like I was after my first delivery, just let me hold that baby. I didn't get to do that with Caderyn because of our rough delivery, so please, I just want to hold him and look at him and snuggle him.

And that's what I've got so far.
Oh yes, I looked and felt like a trainwreck after all that laboring. I was not a pretty pregnant gal.

Brand new cone-headed baby! This gal was holding him up because I hadn't gotten to see him yet. Those birth complications, complicating everything and postponing me meeting my son.

And there we are. I get to meet my guy.

Family of three. Never the same again!

Wednesday, March 21, 2012


Did you know I got a KindleFire for my birthday? Did you know I actually kind of like it? Yes, this anti-electronic book girl actually likes her Kindle. Oh dear.

It took me for-EV-ah to get through the Game of Thrones book one. But I did it. I need a break after reading that one before reading the second book. That one just stressed me out! The second one is on loan right now and it is just sitting on my desk at work staring at me. I haven't found the courage to take it home yet.

So once I finished that I plowed through these ones:

1. Forever
The third book in this series. It may be the last one...I'm not sure. I'm kind of over it. The first book was pretty good, a storyline I hadn't read before, but now that I'm through the third one I'm kind of over them. Like the Twilight series.

2. Be prepared to laugh: The Spellbound Bride
Oh yes, this is a romance book. Oh yes, I read this. It friggin' cracked me up, but sometimes you've gotta read one of these. On a scale of ridiculousness (1 being actually quite un-ridiculous and 10 being like a Real Housewives romance ridiculous) this one was actually a...well...probably a four. On a scale of delicious scandal and naughtiness, oh yes, I just went there, this was probably like a five. Oh these romance novels, they keep me on my toes. I love how just perfectly stupid the characters are and how quickly they fall in "love." If only life were like this...right?

3. Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone
Yes, I've already read this like five times, but I want to try and read the series the whole way through again. I'm about 40 pages from being done and I forgot how much fun these books are to read.

What's on deck?
Well, obviously Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets, The Wild Rose and Pride and Prejudice and Zombies and A Clash of Kings. Oh ho ho ho! Excitement all around!

Tuesday, March 20, 2012


I've got three good ones for you today. This kid is a hoot! If you can believe it, all three of these were said yesterday.

Caderyn is playing and I'm picking up stuff around the house.
Caderyn: Mommy, what are you doing?
Me: Just hanging out, being cool.
Caderyn: You're being cruel?
Me: Yes, very cruel.
Caderyn: What? (and then he runs away to play with trains)

A dinnertime conversation
Caderyn: When I was born you were at home and I was born with my Daddy at the hospital.
Me: Oh really? Are you sure about that? (He confirms this story again)
So I quickly text the above Caderyn line to Jeff and ask: So tell me. How was that for you?
Jeff texts back: Painful, but beautiful at the same time.

In the tub
Me: Caderyn don't splash so much or you'll lose all of the water in your tub.

Monday, March 19, 2012


This past weekend, my in-laws took Caderyn up to their cabin and I booked it over to Missoula to see the Hubs.
We had a sweet weekend! It was just like old times, except I was pregnant. We talked, we laughed, we just hung out and it was so very nice.

Friday: We went to Jeff's ROTC Celebration thing. After that we pretty much went back to where we were staying and went to sleep. We were both pretty tired. I know, we're thrilling.

Saturday: Got up, grabbed a bagel from my favorite bagel place in Missoula. Walked downtown a bit and attempted to go to the St. Patrick's Day Parade, but we ran into this instead

First it was rain, but then...

It was snow. Boo!

So we nixed the parade and went over to visit my grandparents for a bit before heading to the theaters to see 21 Jump Street. Holy hilarious Batman!
After the movie, Jeff went to the gym and I took a good two hour nap. It was amazing.
Then we ate dinner here

Oh ho ho! YUM! For those of my family that read this blog, I'm sure some of you are cheering right now. I rarely eat meat and even went through a period where I didn't eat meat at all. So, you see that burger there on the bottom. That was my burger and it was SO SO SO good. I would totally go back there...soon.
After dinner we were stuffed so we walked around Target and then I got a little ice cream treat.
We went back and forth a little about maybe going downtown for a bit just to people watch, but we decided against it and rented a movie instead.

The movie, Young Adult, was horrible. I hated it. So I kept myself amused by taking pictures of my dog's butt.

We were in bed by 11:00 p.m. Aren't we just AWE-some!
It was a really nice weekend.
It was nice to just be with Jeff and go at our own pace for once.
It was also nice to spend time with Princess Fluffy LaRoux...even if she does hate riding in the car and usually throws up after a ride.

Yes, Lucy, I'm looking at you.


Lucy turned four last week.
Of course her brother hogged all of the attention.

In her dainty mental state, she proceeded to follow me all around the house continually licking my legs and feet whenever they weren't moving.
Because nothing says "Pay attention to me, Mom!" than a nice foot bath.
With your tongue.

Friday, March 16, 2012


1. My Mom spent lots of time with Caderyn in Missoula over his birthday. Caderyn LOVES his Mimi.
2. Doctor Caderyn listens to my calf muscle and then tells me I have a tummy ache. He fixed it by giving me a shot. Right in the middle of the forehead.
3. Crazy hair. Cranky boy.

4. Lazy Corgi claimed the bed as her own.


Have a great weekend!


One of Caderyn's favorite birthday presents so far was a doctor's kit.
He's been at it all week.
He fixes his stuffed animals and then he fixes me. He's pretty much decided that I have had an ear infection every single day this week.

Thursday, March 15, 2012


Welcome to the week of the ever expanding belly, boobs and butt. I've been so thankful for the warmer weather we have been having this week and have tried to walk and go to the gym every day. Winter in Montana is hard on the body and makes it difficult to retain a svelte figure.

How far along? 26 weeks. Only 14 weeks until he arrives. Little dude is the size of an eggplant and could possibly weigh as much as two pounds. He is starting to open and close his eyes and is responding to outside noises on a regular basis.
Weight gain/loss: Again, how the heck can my boobs get any bigger. I'm very concerned about this. I don't want to walk around looking like Anna Nicole Smith (may she rest in peace). Trying not to worry about it, watching my portion control and walking and working out on a regular basis.
Maternity clothes? Oui.
Stretch marks? My fair skinned curse. Lathering on the Vitamin E.
Sleep? Not bad. I've been naughty this week and have stayed up past 11:30 p.m. almost the entire week. I've been reading and watching movies and have actually felt pretty energetic...until I wake up the next morning. Baby kicks me awake anytime between 2:00 a.m. and 4:00 a.m. to go to the bathroom. This morning it was around 4:30 a.m. I usually waddle to the bathroom, check in on Caderyn and then waddle back to bed. I have had weird dreams this week. Here are the dreams I remember:
Dream 1: I went into labor and had the baby, but it turns out he was a GIRL. It was hilarious in my dream at how shocked we were and how we were telling people about the mix up.
Dream 2: I got super mad at Jeff because he got belligerently drunk at some family gathering and I totally went off on him in front of his family. It was one of those dreams that you wake up from and you're still mad until you realize it was just a dream. I always wonder why I dream this way sometimes. I'm not mad at Jeff at all. I'm actually really proud of him. He got a $1000 scholarship this week. Yay!
Dream 3: Zombies were attacking me and my children and I was trying to get them to safety. I got bitten. I woke up and was severely disturbed about this for probably an hour. I stayed in bed just thinking about it. I actually thought about that I would actually do if I was every bitten by a zombie. Oh these early morning, groggy thoughts.
Best moment this week? My Wednesday night pizza date with myself at Costco and possibly finding Caderyn a really, really nice preschool.
Food cravings: Nothing really this week. I did have a really tasty meatball sandwich yesterday. I wouldn't mind having another one of those, but I am now recalling how I burped it up the rest of the afternoon and that didn't taste as good (you all wanted to know that didn't you?).
Gender: Blue, Blue, my life is filled with blue.
Belly button in or out? In, but looking very stretchy and cavernous.
Movement? Sweet baby Jesus yes! We've also crossed into the realm of the hiccups.
What I miss? Beer, running and doing sit ups.
What I'm looking forward to: Not being in pain (my knees and ankles hurt this week) and, um, not having so much gas. There, I said it. Get used to it. It's common with all pregnant women. It's hilarious. I don't care what you think, we all have it.
Weekly wisdom: Hot evening showers wash away the worries of the day. My sweet relief.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012


After the morning I had with this guy, I feel it necessary to post happy pictures of him from when he and I were celebrating his birthday.
It was just me and the dude, oh and all of his trains that he had to put right next to him on the table.
I made him a brownie cake, we sang the Happy Birthday song and then we added some ice cream and devoured our chocolate goodness.
Caderyn thought he was pretty cool.