Tuesday, March 13, 2012


YEAH, I've got nothing for you today. So that's why I'm going to do this kind of a post.

1. I really only like to drink water. Water is my drink of choice. I sometimes drink milk and very rarely drink any kind of juice and almost never drink alcohol (well obviously none at all now). But, when I'm pregnant, I crave Sprite. Is that weird? Like once a week I have a Sprite.

2. I hate having way too much crap in my purse. Therefore, I can tell you I probably have one of the least high maintenance purses to go through. On any given day I have: my wallet, my checkbook, my phones (yes, one for me and one for work) and a pen and that's about it. It still freaks Jeff out to have to try and dig through my purse.

3. The hippopotamus is my favorite animal.

4. I love the movie Mulan and pretty much know all of the words to every single song. Every so often I feel compelled to sing them in the shower.

5. I got bit on the butt by a Dalmatian when I was four, like violently bit by a very violent Dalmatian who had to be put down after because I was like the third kid he'd bit. I still have some little scars and as a result I don't really like Dalmatians.

6. When I got to visit a place, like Phoenix or Missoula, I have to make the usual rounds of places that I love to eat. For example: In Phoenix I always have to go to Hot Bagels, In N Out and Yogurtology. In Missoula, I always have to go to Bagels on Broadway (bagel trend?), Hoagieville, The Good Food Store etc. What can I say, I'm a creature of habit.

7. I am a firm believer in fate.

8. If I had to pick another career in my life, I would probably go somewhere along the lines of health and fitness. I would have loved to be a fitness instructor...at my most healthiest of times.

9. Cereal for dinner is a perfectly acceptable meal.

10. I despise confrontation, but in my old age (haw haw) I have become more feisty and am not afraid to speak my mind about something.
This guy makes me laugh

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