Thursday, March 29, 2012


Something a little different this week. I've actually been quite busy, working full-time and all, so I haven't had a lot of time to pose myself in front of the bathroom mirror like I usually do.
I've also felt exceptionally large this week and haven't wanted to take pictures of myself.
So, to make up for my lack of belly pictures, I thought I would give you a "Mom's view."
This is what I'm currently looking down at every day.
Hey! You can still see my toes and YES they are turquoise and I LOVE them.

How far along? 28 weeks. Only 12 weeks until he arrives. We are in the third trimester and after my next doctor's appointment at the end of April, I start going every two weeks for checkups.
Weight gain/loss/stretch marks: I will curse you with the fire of a thousand suns! Can I just say that my boobs and butt are SO huge right now. It is RI-DONK-YOU-LUSS.
Maternity clothes? Hoping to borrow some capris from a friend in the next week or so for my vacation to Phoenix! Yeah! Also hoping to buy a new dress or two to get me through the summer.
Terrible this week. This little dude just kicks and kicks me all night long. I don't think he stops for a second. He is constantly moving and rolling and jutting into me. Last night he kicked me awake at 3:30 and I was in and out of sleep until 5:30 a.m. He seems to prefer the right side and must get kind of ticked off that I'm sleeping on my left? Lord knows. Maybe we will ask him what his deal is when he arrives :)Best moment(s) this week? Hello Girl Scout cookies! Oh and let's see...I passed my glucose test with flying colors. I'm measuring right at 28 weeks and the baby boy made my Dr. laugh because he was moving around so much on her. Lots of kicks and hiccups.
Food cravings: Thin mints. Still sub sandwiches with tons of veggies. Fruity Pebbles.
Gender: Man-fetus
Belly button in or out? VERY cavernous but still in.
Movement? GOOD GRIEF yes. All of the flipping time. He is currently wedged under my right rib right now poking me and moving along. Anytime I am sitting he is moving. He prefers the right side which usually means I am super sore on that side at the end of the day. Also, he likes to float somewhere near the hips and back area because those areas are sometimes so sore I want to cry...but I don't.
What I miss? Being able to see certain parts of my body...My balance...sleeping through the husband...having one hour at the gym to myself every day.
What I'm looking forward to: Now that the weather is nice being outside more and going to walks.
Weekly wisdom: Being outdoors significantly alters the mood of my a good way. Also, brushing my teeth as soon as I put Caderyn down for bedtime will result in less late night food eating.
Anything else?

Jeff is on Spring Break next week which means I get him home all week!!!! I have a little list started for him that looks something like this:
1. Mow/Rake lawn to prep for outdoor weather!
2. Please unclog our bathroom sink.
3. Help move changing table/dresser into our bedroom.
4. Spend lots of time with Caderyn and I 'cause we miss you.

Continuing to modify my birth plan.
Making a list of things I'll need to get when I'm in Phoenix that I can't get here in MT.
Forcing myself to just to go bed. I made myself go to bed at 10:30 p.m. last night even though I wanted to keep reading. I slept straight until 3:30 a.m. and then didn't sleep great through 5:30 a.m. because of this kicky little baby so I am thankful I went to sleep when I did instead of 11:30 when I would have been even more tired today.

Oh and our BIG announcement:
This guy went poop and pee in the potty this morning.
It was super stinky.
He was really, really proud of himself.
I'm hoping this continues.
Please, please, please.


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Eden said...

Cocoa butter helps with the stretch marks.